Splinterlands || The investment that pays for itself

I've been playing Splinterlands for a while, and it's save to say that I'm somewhat hooked. Yesterday I finally managed to reach my…

Cryptocurrency is not about getting Rich Quick, Passive Income is Where it's at

My friends or colleagues who know that I am into crypto in some form or another often ask me jokingly if I'm a millionaire yet. I jokingly…

If there's one thing I've learned from trading in crypto is that patie ...

If there's one thing I've learned from trading in crypto is that patience most definitely is key. Catching flies (profit) with honey has…

dCity: Adapt || Improvise || Profit

It's been a long time since I posted a dCity update, as a matter of fact since that one big update that brought us the new UI and the 3rd…

One problem with people not willing to accept cryptocurrency as a real ...

One problem with people not willing to accept cryptocurrency as a real thing, is lack of broad creativity and out-of-the box thought. Most…

Cryptocurrency has Come a Long Way from being Once Perceived as Laughable

I remember it used to be huge news when a business announced that they would accept cryptocurrency as payment. But nowadays those kinds of…

Blockchain is Constantly on The Move || Can you Keep Up?

I was out of the cryptocurrency loop for about 5-6 days, and it seems like I've missed a lot. Not only in price action, but even here on…

Hive will Outlive Bitcoin

Bitcoin is all the rage and has been for a while, especially when Bitcoin is misbehaving and breaking all time high barriers. But whenever…

What Happens when Everyone Switches to Cryptocurrencies?

source We belong to a select few of people who have embraced decentralization and digita

Whether you're in Pain or Profit, Laugh at It || Cryptocurrency memes

The past few months have been slightly more interesting for crypto enthusiasts than the previous 3 years. Many have been like Elmo is in…

What Doesn't REK you Makes you Wiser


Blockchain is Ready to Change the World, are you Ready to let it Happen?

source You can spend your dat playing a game, building your virtual city, battling fantasy monsters against each others.

Crypto is Accepted more each Day, as the Nay-Sayers are Confused

source A recent bill proposed by the US senate is said to possibly bring in 28 billion USD in taxes, regulating cr

The Crypto Roller Coaster is Back in Motion

Here we go again. In case you haven't noticed, we're seeing green graphs again. If you haven't bought the dip, too bad, better luck next…

Hive Endgame: What's Your Game plan?

What is my endgame for Hive? What is your endgame for Hive? Where will the Hive blockchain and all of its platforms be in 5 years? Nobody…

Clean Neighborhoods 🌎 Fine or Incentivize?

***Remember when I had posted about the governments' intention to implement Value Added Tax (VAT)? Not that far yet; don't even know…

Simulation Theory: Are Cryptocurrencies and Decentralization Involved?

Simulation theory is an intriguing theory to say the least. And if you are a tech enthusiast it's highly probable you are already fairly…

Why doesn't Crypto do Something Already?

Things have been a bit stagnant lately in the crypto world. Nothing exciting is happening. Or so it would seem to me. And I've been…

Finance is like Nature: You Have to Plant the Seeds

We often take nature for granted. Those who live in concrete jungles void of nature possibly do this even more than others. But even those…

The Drunken Chess Horse that is the Crypto Market

If cryptocurrency as a whole was a chess game, the prices would definitely be a drunken horse. Going up, down, left, right, making…