Calculator Tactics And Being The Store Weirdo

source Like any other person who's into

Buying In Bulk Is The Best || Saving Money Done Right

source Buying things you need is

Does Building A Bridge Between Suriname And Guyana Have Priority? 🌉 My Two Cents

Yesterday, we were also spending some time with family and one way or another - when we're together - talk of politics comes up and this…

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source The concepts of wallets and the use of them have existed since the beginn

Why I Do Nothing During BounceBacks || My Crypto Strategy For This Moment


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source It's been a slow week for crypto savings, or anything crypto related. But t

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source Scammers, can't live with them, can't live witho... No wait, just can't l

Gotta Love The Dip | Time To Gradually Buy More HIVE


Cryptocurrency | A Good Concept Of Supply And Demand For Developing Countries

source Living in a developing country, or a so-called third world country, you see and experience certain

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source The HIVE price is dropping! Everyone start panicking and abandon the blockchain. Which is exactly what yo

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source In a bad economy we always need to get creative to be able to save some money. We do certain thing

Nest Eggs | A Relic Of The Past Or An Opportunity For Innovation

source Back in the day, during the previous generations, having or building a nest egg was an important part of

Saturday Savers Club || The Slow Move Ahead | Keyword Being 'Ahead'

source Another week has passed, which means another week of being mindful of our savings goals. Yes

The Hive Blockchain | A Powerful Platform That Provides Community Governance

The Hive blockchain and the eco-system surrounding it are a lot to take in at once. And if you're not very tech-savvy it's a large task to…

Suriname | Another Day Another Increment In Gas Prices || When Does It End

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What Is Beyond A Decentralized Economy? || The Concept Of A Moneyless Society

source We are embracing cryptocurrencies slowly, but surely at this point. This means that we are moving to a fully

Patience Is Most Definitely Key In Finances || As Well As In Life

source All good things take time, or so they say. This means

The Struggles Of Small Business Owners In Suriname || Valuable Actions Matching Empty Promises

source We live in a weird world, where leaders and institutions say one thing and ac

My Thoughts On The Process Of Fully Embracing Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

source We all believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies, or blockchain technology in partic

Decentralized Shower Thoughts || The Year is 25xx And The World Is At Peak Decentralization

source They year is 25xx. Some of us are still alive due to cyberneti