Crypto Prices may Stop Rising, but Technological Advancement is Unstoppable

11 days ago
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It's altseason! What does that mean? It means all the altcoins (so.. not Bitcoin) are on the upside price-wise. A lot of green to see. This usually happens when the price of Bitcoin goes sideways and might be an extremely euphoric feeling, I know. And many of us on this crypto endorphin high may think that it will never end. But it will. Prices cannot go up endlessly. There where always be a correction. Sometimes a small one, indicating more movement upwards, and sometimes a big crash signifying a possible bear market.

But unlike the price, the technology behind everything cryptocurrency is moving forward, no correction there. Projects are reaching milestones, tokens that couldn't be staked can now be staked. A mere exchange token now has its own chain with many possibilities.

The moral of this story is: Do not expect prices to keep rising. What goes up must come down to a certain degree. So be sure to take some profit, because with that profit you will be able to buy more when the inevitable correction happens. And eventually profit in more ways than one, with groundbreaking technological advancement in the magical internet money world of cryptocurrency. :)


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