The Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) and it's Many Utilities in my Own Financial Strategy

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When you earn on Hive you can get 3 different types of main rewards from your posts, in the form of HIVE, HBD and HP. Mostly HP en HBD if you have 50/50 payouts. HBD is the most active one as you can immediately use it for whatever you want. Over time I've done multiple things with it. Initially I went for the "everything into HP strategy" to get my voting power up.

Then at some point that changed and I started buying HIVE with my HBD. The purpose of this HIVE was mainly to convert it to SWAP.HIVE and buy various things on the second layer Hive-Engine. And once things ran on their own back there, I started trading between HIVE and HBD within the local HIVE market.

Eventually I even transferred some of my HBD value through @blocktrades to exchanges to branch out and diversify my portfolio. Recently I've just been sitting on my HBD, and it wasn't until recently that I noticed you get 10% APR when you put your HBD into your savings in your Hive wallet. This beats any of my local banks in any currency by a long shot.

There are many things you can do with your readily available liquid HBD rewards as you can see, all it takes is some planning. What do you do with it, and what's your strategy for the future?


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