The Time to Buy is NOW || Only the Bold Prevail

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Speculation, panic, trembling. Such are the happenings during a spike in price. A spike downwards to be more precise, which is exactly what is going on with crypto right now. And most fish are going with the flow of selling and jumping ship. At this point in the game those are most likely the ones to lose. The ones to profit are of another breed. And no, I'm not talking about HODLing indefinitely, because that is in most cases equally as unwise. Sometimes you need to cut your losses, especially if you risked your money on a shitcoin.

The ones who profit from times like these are the ones bold enough to go into their pocket or those reserved stable coins to buy more cryptocurrency. Buying bit by bit all the way down, averaging out the buying price. It's very unlikely the whole market is crashing to zero, meaning at some point we can expect all time highs to be reached again. Logically buying on the upside down peaks seems like the right move to make. Alas, not all beings are logical ones, as some get swayed more by emotion. Whatever you decide to do though, always build a strong fundament of research beneath that choice.


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