Hive Opportunities: Interview with Raymondspeaks founder of Bro

Hive Opportunities: Interview with Raymondspeaks founder of Bro Today we have a very special guest on the program, someone who has been…

Cine TV: Get paid for writing movie and TV series reviews

When I think about scarcity on Hive's second layer, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cine token. The project has some diamond…

Rising Star Pack Giveaways Live On Twitch Drabs587

Hey, rockstars and movie fanatics do you like vibing out to some awesome music and also winning some free stuff in the process. Well, look…

We Are Paying Out BRO Daily To ALIVE Stakeholders - What The Heck Is The Big Deal?

In this post I share what the really big deal is about our daily payouts of BRO tokens to ALIVE stakeholders, I thought that most people…

Ape Mining Club - New way to Earn APE token daily

APE is the primary token behind Ape Mining Club . In the past, the only way to earn APE was to buy it from the Hive Engine market, or…

APE Mining Club Update, Feedback Requested

What's up fellow primates. Are you wondering what's going on with Ape Mining Club ? Here is a little update. Also, I will have a…

Looking and having clear financial goals and analysis on Hive

Introduction Still loving the @wearealive tribe on Hive and was reading their posts and what to blog about. One of the things it talks…

Ape Mining Club Launch day aftermath

It's been over 24 hours since the launch of Ape Mining Club. As expected there were a few obstacles, some minor UI issues and some payout…

Introducing Ape Mining Club

I am proud to introduce the Ape Mining Club game built on the Hive blockchain! Ape Mining Club will launch in around 24 hours from…

New gif update - Making some cool Gifs for the Bros in the Mancave! (English and Spanish)

We love making gifs! This of you that follow us can see the journey we have been on. You can find our Gifs on Giphy and Tenor here is our…

Ape Mining Club Sneak Peek

You might have heard we are building a new game that will use a new APE token as well as the STEM token. We have been working hard on the…

BRO Dragon's feel the pulse of HIVE

Secret clubs on Hive are fun. Unfortunately sometimes those dark clubs need to use Discord. If it's on Discord it's fair to say it's not…

Knowing How The Game Is Played is Half the Battle

The world is a strange place. Long gone are the days when there was a fairer shot at most things. You see, the powers that be would have…

The Scarcity Mindset. Mixing good mental health for Financial Growth

Financial growth and prospering comes with a whole different mindset. It's not something you're born with. It's something you learn. As…

The Great Debate on Value and the Distribution of Rewards

One thing that has plagued the world for a Millenia is the debate on value and who should be rewarded for what and are those rewards…

Why I Think Hive Will Be Big in the Future

You've all heard me say it. If you're in the Man Cave server you'll have seen me say it numerous times. I think Hive will eventually be a…

Some of the stuff I have been working on recently. Bro, Cine, et al.

To begin with I'll state that I have started writing again. As I began to get really busy with BRO I thought I would never have the time…

To POB, or not to POB -- That is the Question?

So I'm probably not the only one with an impressive stack of liquid laying around to fomo into the next Hive build with the same consensus…

Hive & Leo on the downward spiral. What should I do?

So you're probably new to this if you're worried that what was worth worth $100 is now worth barely $20. Welcome to half the Hivean's…

Cryptocurrency Purism And The Ill Effect of Centralisation

I had a read of @runicar's post here: and was laughing hysterically at the graphic with CZ citing that