2,000 HP & 2,000 Leo Power(On Going): Secret Of Achieving Your Goal Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine

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Few weeks ago, in October to be precise, I was below 1K HP and I made it a goal that I achieve 1k HP before the month runs out. So I tried so hard to achieve that goal, I did achieve the goal, but it took me 5 months to do that. I got 1k HP after 5 months of non-stop daily blogging. I’m entirely grateful for that. Especially @selfhelp4trolls who sent me 5 Hive to complete my 1,000 HP goal.


After achieving that, I thought it would take me another 5 months, not necessarily 5 months but at least 3 months top to add another 1K to my current HP. I was surprised when I checked my HP and it was sitting 1,700+. That’s 200+ HP away from achieving my 2K HP goal. It’s just barely over a month I celebrated 1K HP achievement goal and am close to 2K. I was filled with so much gratitude as I imagined how this would have been impossible without the Hive community. I feel so pumped and challenged right now to try as much as possible to get to 2K HP before the month ends.

The reason am pumped and so hyped about trying to achieve this goal is because challenges drives me better, they bring out the best creative part of me. They make me see reasons to get up and put in the work. I have been so busy with offline activities which had made me reduce my number of posting. I have a goal on the number of post I make a day, am so used to that goal that if I don’t achieve that goal I feel so incomplete.

There is great power in trying to achieve big goals with taking little steps, initially when I joined Hive, Leofinance being the reason I joined Hive, I was so focused on trying to achieve 2k Leo power, but I had some financial issues 4 months and I withdrew some of Leo to sort that out. But lately I have been stacking up and powering up my Leo.

My leo power is at 1,500 that’s 500 Leo power away from my 2,000 Leo power goal. This has motivated and inspired in trying to put in more work to make I sure I achieve this goal before the month runs out.

Making blogging my daily routine has been the best form of self discipline I have attained in 2021. I have inculcated that habit to the extent that blogging feels like a riding a bike now. Aside making money from blogging, I find myself trying to learn more and more and that’s great because I used to be the type of person that didn’t care about reading anymore because I read a lot when I was in High School.

Little daily achievements can amount to great things, great things that when you look back at where you started from, you will have every reason to be proud of yourself. I used to take big risks because I wanted to make that big life changing breaks, but hive has taught me that little drops of water really make a mighty ocean.

When I started my daily blogging routine I thought I would burn out and stop after few months. I felt I was only pumped and hyped in blogging daily because i was excited in doing in a new thing which was Hive. But lots of people on this platform has motivated me in so many great ways. These people in their own way indirectly has shown me it’s possible to keep blogging daily and achieve your goal. A day without blogging or being productive makes me feel unfulfilled. If I don’t add anything to the Hive blockchain a day, I feel really sad. I initially called that my Hive addiction, but a good one. This is because ever since I knew social media and started using social media in 2012, I have never benefited anything from it. I find myself visiting social media everyday but no value was made neither did I add value to it.

Aside Hive, daily routine actions can make you achieve your goals in other sectors of life. A wise man once said, opportunities are hidden in daily routines, you have to do those daily routine activities to unlock that opportunity that will make people call you lucky.

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