Cryptocurrency’s Inevitability Is Gradually Happening

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Few weeks ago PayPal announced to their UK users that they will be given access to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their PayPal account. This announcement was made on the 23rd of August 2021. This just shows how inevitable cryptocurrency adoption is. It’s slowly becoming a norm in the world. Lots of people trust PayPal and it has been their numbers one payment service option for a long time. So expect a lot of new previously skeptical crypto users.



PayPal also tried to advise their customers to not just jump into cryptocurrencies but also do their own research. The company will provide useful information to educate their customers about cryptocurrencies. This education includes information regarding volatility in cryptocurrencies, the opportunities of buying and also the risks associated with it. Customers that are used to the PayPal service might find it very easy to buy crypto using their website or app. Access to cryptocurrency by PayPal is so easy that customers can be cryptocurrencies as low as £1.


PayPal has also learnt on how to utilize the blockchain technology. This will surely help them towards getting ready for the financial future. We now see our traditional bank method as old financial technology. The sooner other companies and organizations get adapted to these new technologies, the better for them.

PayPal can testify to the increase of engagement from new crypto users ever since they got involved in cryptocurrency. This is how deep cryptocurrency is going and gradually becoming inevitable. The oppressors(the government) will have no choice but to give up and accept the fact that crypto is here to stay forever.

We have seen multiple partnerships and acquisitions of companies, organizations and stadiums from cryptocurrency exchanges like that of FTX and All these are helping towards creating more cryptocurrency awareness. We can see that from the market cap of cryptocurrency. This month last year the total cryptocurrency market cap including bitcoin was $348 Billion but currently we are seeing the market cap to be $2.1 trillion. That just just shows more than 6X increase, imagine what the price will be in the next 5 years.

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