It’s Been A Worthy Journey On Leofinance & My LeoPower

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Leofinance was the platform I discovered before hive. I read about Leofinance on an article on publishox and I decided to register. While registering, I was seeing hive, but couldn’t wrap my head around why I needed to have hive power to post on Leofinance. But that is a story for another day. Leofinance is unique, because from my observation and am sure it’s obvious from other people’s view, that Leofinance is unique, in terms of front end, the team, their project and all. I love the work the team is always doing to make sure that the Leo and Hive’s use case or utilities are expanded. The little I know of, am really proud of the team and happy to be staking.


The Cubdefi project is really great and am hugely bullish on that area. Although recently I have stuck with just staking and not looking at the price. This is for better mental health or rather peace of mind. I decided not to look at the prices of my stakes and token but rather look at the quantity and future value of these tokens. This is because I don’t want to be stuck in the value of the moment but projecting on the future value and keep staking. Although am not really proud of my Leo power because it’s not the amount I want it to be.


But then am still proud of my total stake on the hive ecosystem and the account I delegated the power to. I have been busy trying to utilize every investment opportunity I find on hive. Which has been going well, because it’s not easy creating content, staking, curating and also sorting out life financial issues. But then looking at the price of Leo, it’s a little it encouraging and discouraging. It’s encouraging in the sense that it’s price has not really been devalued lately, the price as been lingering around $0.2 for a while now, and discouraging because I feel it’s undervalued. Which makes me sad at the moment because this is the opportunity to buy enough dips as possible because Hive’s price was a big time eye opener for me. We all saw the price of hive skyrocket from $0.19 to $1. If this is not a wake up call then I don’t know what sort of wake up call you need. I have been focusing on my stake on proof of brain for a long time now which am not going to stop doing but leo power needs my attention at the moment.

I have been curating and trying to utilize all my stakes on hive by curating or investing but it’s not easy keeping up with curating from all your stake, so I decided to delegate my leo power to @leo.voter because from my observation they have been consistent with their curation. Which is very impressive.


I wake up everyday and see my delegated rewards from the @leo.bounties account. I was hoping I will get to 1,000 leo power before my 6th month on Leofinance/Hive but at this moment am not trying to get ahead of myself, so I will just take my stakings on leo power one day at a time.

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