Shit Just Got Real For Crypto Bros

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Remember when the bear season was still new and we were all making jokes and using McDonalds as reference to joke around. The joke was based on, if crypto price crashes, then going to work at McDonald’s is the next option. We all joked around because we thought seeing the price of crypto go this low, was a little bit far from the top. One of the psychological thing about money, value and the moment is that, when it’s going good and great, we tend to forget about the possibilities of losing it all, or having the value go down drastically, at that moment we start feeling invincible or extremely lucky. Well, it’s a moment, the beauty of the bull market is, just as the bear market is taunting and hard to see, the bull market is also exciting and rewarding.
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I’m not seeing people use the McDonald’s picture as their Display picture anymore, it was funny until it wasn’t , because things just got real for all crypto bros right now. The value of everyone’s asset should be down at least 80%, that’s just how the game goes. The seasonal crypto noobs are off crypto for now, because they can’t take the current heart break the market is giving them. But watch out for them, coming back to the crypto space during the bull market. This crypto bear market is really tough, I will say it’s tougher than the last one I experienced.

The last bull run we had some crypto crashes but they were not major, but this year, we had two major crypto crash that affected the rest of the industry. The first being Luna, taking out over $50 Billion off the market, it was alarming but we were still chilled. The market was doing its thing and trying to be above $4k while we were still hoping for possible $100k, but then FTX, the most unexpected crypto exchange crash happened. This took the whole crypto bros off their balance, this time they know shit is about to get real, from joking about working in McDonalds to being scared that they might actually be a chance that they are about to work in McDonald’s due to the way the crypto market is going.

Look at the internet, no one is making jokes about the crypto market price crash anymore, no one is laughing about it being down, it’s not funny anymore, shits are getting real right now. I looked at my crypto portfolio, when I had 1/10th of it, it was worth way more than what I am seeing now. I’m no more posting crypto price crash meme anymore, I just want to distract myself from the market and have a good time while we wait for the bull market.

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The POB/Hive price recently had a sudden rise and smashed through all of my sell orders. It had been trading at 0.04 Hive. So, I had made sell orders at 0.06, 0.08 and 0.1. The price peaked at 0.35. The bull market is a great time to buy or earn in crypto currency. Now if you are fortunate to be earning more than you are using, it is a great time to buy up BTC or POB.

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Bear is definitely the best time to accumulate, we are trying our best to accumulate as much as we can.