TeddyDoge Rugpull : These People Just Don’t Learn

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100% deep loss in a bag that is an obvious rip off and scam seems like a fair play to crypto investors who keep investing on this rip off tokens. Its a little understandable if some of the investors were new, but that doesn't give you a pass mark for ignorance. Almost all these rug pull projects all have the same story and most of them are tokens. From my obvious they use the Binance Smart Chain more because it is easier to create token there because of the low fees. It cost a lot to build your own blockchain, only to build it for some soft rug pull scam. this is why one might think that its cheaper to create a token for scam than a coin. Except the person is Do Kwon, who got a lot of people thinking he rug pulled investors with the terra platform. A lot of money, effort, and time was invested in that space to have a miserable crash like that.

Back to the TeddyDoge investors, I don’t know if these investors have been living under the rock or too dumb to see a scam token when its presented to their faces. We have had the Shitcoins phase and that is a phase where a lot people learnt their lessons and there I was thinking that no one can ever fall for these Shitcoin scam anymore. TeddyDoge is a token from the Binance smart chain which I am sure the devs inflated the price through pump and dup. Pumped the price to excite investors into thinking that they can enter and make quick profit off the market, then dump it taking $3 Million worth of BNB and $2 Million worth of BUSD. That is approximately $5 Million worth of assets stolen by the devs, but it had all the red flags showing its a scam coin. Just like the history of other scam coins with no utilities at all, this one had its own feature.

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 3.41.52 PM.png

From the block explorer it was observed that the 10k BNB was sent to a Binance address, in addition to $2 Million of BUSD, look at the image above, these are the series of transactions made from the account used to transfer all the stolen BNB & BUSD, to Binance. This 10k BNB was not sent all at once, they were sent in bits. You can check the Bscscan

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I have no compassion for that, people need to know better…


no amount of scams is enough to teach them a lesson