You Can Now List Your BNBChain NFTs On OpenSea

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Just yesterday we got an update that phantom will be integrating Ethereum and polygon into the platform to allow NFT creators and collectors from other blockchains to use the wallet, which was nice and great, because, to enjoy decentralization we need to have options and opportunity to make out our own options. Now opensea has announced the listing of BNBChain NFTs on its NFT marketplace, giving the BNBCHAIN NFT creators the opportunity of increasing their chances of getting sales.
BNBChain is a great chain that is great to mint NFTs on, but who uses the chain, you hardly hear people talk about using the chain to mint their NFTs, mostly because, we don’t really know that much BNBCHAIN Market place. The only BNBCHAIN Marketplaces I know are just the Binance app and Pancakeswap market place, I think you can mint on the Binance app but you can’t mint on Pancakeswap. And another reason people prefer other NFT market place is branding, when you talk about NFT marketplaces, the first one to come in mind is opensea right? Most people that talk about NFTs, creating it or collecting it mostly refer to opensea.

Opensea is the biggest NFT marketplace, I think it has do with the fact that it was primarily for Ethereum based NFTs before the other blockchains were listed. The Ethereum fans utilized the marketplace to the fullest, opensea made most of its money and revenue from the Ethereum users. Due to the high gas fees issue more blockchain listing and integrations were demanded and was granted. I feel the BNBCHAIN NFT listing will be more beneficial for BNBCHAIN NFT users than it will be for opensea, although, opensea will always have their cut though, but you get what I mean?

May be later we are going to see phantom integrate BNB on its wallet, slowly, people will be having more options to Web 3.0. That is if the developers are truly building it for the Web 3.0 decentralization reasons or for their selfish one like other bad crypto players have done in the past.

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Well I guess I'd have to do more research and then venture into this aspect of Binance 🤷 I