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With the introduction of SPS airdrop by Splinterlands, there has been a massive increase in the price of 2 native tokens. These are SPT and DEC and both have a different token economy and the best part is that we can earn both tokens in different ways. Now since the value of both tokens is quite high and I expect it to grow even further in the future. The reason behind this value increase is because both tokens are considered as points for SPS airdrop and you never know what splinterlands team brings in the future to increase the use-case and them more valuable. Today in this post I am going to talk about only SPT tokens and what I am doing to earn more SPT daily.



SPT is a tribe token of https://www.splintertalk.io/ and we can earn this token through content creation. Either we can use the tribe portal to create the post or we can use the SPT tag on posts related to splinterlands and this way we can earn SPT tokens. I have been using this SPT tag since the beginning and I remember that the price of SPT tokens was too less and people were not much interested. Even I never paid so much attention to SPT tokens but I kept on accumulating these tokens in my hive engine wallet.

I got to know about the SPT curation project in late 2020 and its known as @monster-curator which is run by @flauwy & @abrockman and I got to know about it through their announcement post. Since I was having all these token staked but un-utilized as I was not curating for Splintertalk. This project is something that I found so interesting and delegated all my stake. I did 10 months back and have been updating it with my increased stake. This delegation helped me earn quite a good amount of SPT tokens in liquid.

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I stake all my liquid SPT tokens wherever there is a balance and then delegate it all and I earn SPT by the project every day. Here is the snapshot of my SPT tokens history. With the increased delegation I am earning more SPT daily and I think that this is the best way to earn more SPT for doing nothing. Its a passive income and I love this type of income.

Screenshot 20210928 at 10.46.29 PM.png


So there are two ways to earn SPT as I mentioned and I follow both. I create splinterlands content and also get delegation rewards every day. Here is the market chart of SPT and currently its price is 0.015 HIVE and trading volume is more than 7k Hive which is good and shows that people are trading a lot this token.

Screenshot 20210928 at 10.51.56 PM.png


My goal was to have 100k SPT tokens this year and I am happy to share that I have achieved it much earlier than planned. Its obvious that now I will increase the goal and now I want to get a bit greedy so I would like to have 200K SPT tokens in 2022. I know that doubling the same amount will take time but I am not in hurry. Since I earn delegation rewards daily and also crate content actively so I am confident that I will be able to achieve it however I will buy some if I see a better buying opportunity.

There are many themes with splinterlands to create content and if you are a content creator then check the official game account fr announcement and choose one as per your interest. This will help you to get the earning opportunity for SPT tokens and HIVE as well as they upvote quality posts. If you get curated by monster-curator then its a bonus for you. @monster-curator do the manual curation and the curation team is doing great work to support awesome quality content about the splinterlands game.

If you are an SPT holder or want to invest in the token then without giving a second thought delegate your tokens to this project and you will earn awesome rewards every day. So far I have not come across any similar project their payout is fair and automatic. If for any technical reason they would not able to pay then you will be paid altogether once the system is up so there is nothing to worry about.

The Splinterlands game has been growing rapidly and I think its best time to accumulate more game assets and keep on holding for the long term. I am doing the same and will continue to do so. In crypto space, one of the things that I enjoy a lot is that its unpredictable and you never know when a can thing go to the moon and splinterlands is one of the best example. I spend a lot of my time on the game to see what's happening around to play some battles as well.

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