Crypto is not dead for Long term Believers

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Many people on social media are talking about crypto and some of them say that now crypto is dead. It is because they are looking at the current price for Bitcoin which is in the range of 16000 USD. We have seen the all-time high price for Bitcoin at 70k USD and now it is made on and trading for around 15 to 16k US dollars. I am surprised that why people are considering it as a bubble as they have seen in the past how things are growing in the segment. We have to believe that crypto is not a bubble that going to bust soon in fact it is going and getting even bigger with each passing year.

When the market is bullish then lord people come here for easy money as this is a good time to earn more but when the price dump then their trusted chicken and they consider it as one of the segments which are highly risky and going to end. I believe that people should not consider it as a part of the crypto instead how it is built and what technology is used to back the entire segment. It is built on blockchain technology and the adoption for this is growing for many big companies and even other stuff like metaverse and with 3.0 are also getting more attention.


In my opinion, people who are not able to take the risk should not be part of the crypto because they just want to make money but they do not want to face the losses which are not possible in any market. It is simple if you want to earn 1X or 2x profit on your investment then you should also be ready to deal with the same amount of loss else it will not be easy for anyone to stay here for the long term. I have completed more than 3 years in the crypto market and one thing I learned is that long-term is the best way to build things here and the outcome will surely surprise and make you happy provided you follow different strategies and rely on your research and study.

I am not sharing these prints from a trader's point of view because I know that I am not a good trader at all. Even though I have done very few trades in the last one or two years but still, I build everyday content creation and gaming in the crypto space. I know that the time and money that I am investing now will turn out to be big in the next few years and I have enough patience to wait for that time. I am also okay if I am not successful with my plan because I think best and worst at the same time but if I get success then that success will going to be big.

Be it hive or Leo and even splinterlands, all these are available at a low price and this is a good time to accumulate more. I am doing the same and hope that this continues for some more time because this way I will be able to add more coins to my portfolio and that is my goal for this year and even for the next year. I believe that a bear market is to build and a bull market is to book some profit so we should try to make the most out of the current opportunity available in the crypto space.

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The issue is fear. When people fear that they will have a difficult future, they pull back on investing. Not just in crypto, but in almost all things. Real estate declines, stocks decline. So now is the time to buy and hold for when people are no longer fearful of the future.


indeed its a good time to buy as the market is down and prices are declining.. Buy and hold for the long term and wait for the right time to book profit.


far from dead


yes, you are right


You can not compare Bitcoin with the Hive and even put them side by side !!! Bitcoin is doomed and the future is behind the Hive !!!


There is no comparison between hive and bitcoin. It's just a thumbnail but you can see more in the post.

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I think alot of coins need to die as they are useless scams, things like Bitcoin won't die they will only thrive.


Bitcoin won't die for sure.


Our first step into this world was all at risk because at that moment you pray for both mother and the child to come out safe and alive.

people who are not able to take the risk should not be part of the crypto because they just want to make money but they do not want to face the losses which are not possible in any market.

This part got me thinking about how they even go about their daily activities because going out of their home to work is risky too.

Crypto isn't dead. Until we understand that, then we can appreciate it better.