How SPS by Splinterlands has impacted my Life in Positive way

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Passive income is something that most people want to have but I think that crypto is the best place to create it. I am not saying that crypto is the only option for passive income generation but based on my experience here we get a bunch of opportunities to do this bu in the traditional world things are not that much easy. I am not an expert so whatever I am saying is totally my experience that I have been going through. Blockchain and crypto were like another world to me before I came into this amazing place but it seems like this is the best decision that I have ever made in my life and I should have done it earlier. Obviously, I can't go back and change the past but I am very happy with my growth in the crypto space.



Now with splinterlands things have gone to the next level whatever is happening is completely unexpected at least for me. We all know that recently SPS airdrop has just changed the scenario and now this game is not limited to players only instead ita a great project to invest and earn without playing battle. Playing battle has its own fun that I enjoy a lot but if someone doesn't have time or doesn't want to play then also that person can earn with the game and this is really amazing. Its like just but the assets and enjoy getting SPS daily airdrop. Stake the airdrop and then get more vouchers. More vouchers mean more CL packs and this will again result in awesome profit. Needless to say that you can also join the SPS-DEC pool to gain a great APR and its worth trying out.

SPS is another source of passive income for me but I am not being greedy here despite getting a good amount every day. I get approx 44 SPS every day it was earlier 36 tokens but I have increased my holding so this has got increased as well.

Screenshot 20211014 at 6.21.28 PM.png

Let make take you through a small illustration-

  • I get 44 SPS daily
  • So at the current rate 44 x $0.87= 38.28 USD ( I take it $38 USD in the round)
  • In India currency I take 1 USD = 75 INR
  • SO 38x75 = 2850 INR daily
  • In a month its- 30*2850 = 85500 INR
  • and in USD this is- 38x30= 1140 USD

Can you believe that this amount is something in India that not everyone can easily earn this much of amount? I know that based on the token price in the market this will keep on fluctuating and since this is quite high and it could be because of upcoming CL packs but again I want to mention that I have a long term vision and I easily expect SPS to cross $1 price mark soon. So I can say that I earn much more than what I was earning and now its like what I earn from other sources is far away as compared to what I earn with SPS.

Here in India people often earn about 40-50k INR in a month when they work for the entire month and the amount I mentioned here is something that I earn for doing nothing. This is amazing.. isn't it? I told my mother about it a week back and she is still not ready to believe but its not her problem because never seen anything like this however its the truth. SPS has given me the opportunity to become financially stable and I can now think of something big. I have some pans in mind and will probably work on them next year.

This is my holding of SPS and I have accumulated almost 4k tokens in 2.5 months so with this pace I should be able to have approx 15k SPS tokes easily by end of the year and side by side I will get benefits of Vouchers and CL packs as well.

Screenshot 20211014 at 6.20.07 PM.png

Splinterland has changed my life and way of thinking when it comes to passive income and investment and I am thankful to the team that has worked hard to bring so much value in the project. There are many things in the game of course but in this post, I am focused only on SPS and hope I am able to share that how things can grow like this and that too when we dont expect at all. In our life, nothing is assured but having a belief in something for a long-term mindset helps and I can say that SPS is not less tha bitcoin for me. I am one of those who did not buy Bitcoin until 2016 but I am the one who because part of splinterlands well on time and now I feel like that its not going to be less than bitcoin in any way.

What are your views and thoughts about it?

Thank you so much.
Stay Safe

(images are taken from splinterlands website wherever not mentioned)

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Nice that is awesome, It is always nice to read how crypto changes peoples lifes


SPS airdrop will go in history as one that changed the lives of many people, realizing that this airdrop is bound to go through the year is amazing and we are just barely in the 3rd month! A lot of people never dreamt of accomplishing what they have with Splinterlands, i never dreamt of it, it’s just amazing each time I think about it.

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

This is awesome to see that SPS has impacted your life positively and there are so many success stories here. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you will continue to do well with splinterlands.