Once again Media FUD crashed INR Crypto Market in India

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Media was not doing in crypto in India and once again they did pretty well in fud creation and this is very bad for crypto users. Even a few reputed channels created this heavy fud environment. INR pair market is down by more than 10% and even UST is in the dump and here is the one that clearly shows this. USDT price was more than 80 INR just a couple of days back and now its down by 10% or more. Even it has touched INR 60 price mark which is too low and I did not get the opportunity to buy that price.

Screenshot 20211124 at 12.12.28 PM.png.


I saw a few notifications on my phone that USD is dropped by more than 10% and it was the lowest a few hours back but that time I was sleeping so could not grab that chance. I immediately logged in to my Indian exchnage account where I was holding some INR and I used it all to buy USDT because it always stays at a premium price in India. Getting USDT less than INR 75 is almost impossible but whenever I see this price I buy the maximum possible.

Before buying, I also checked in the international market and there was no change that clearly shows that its because of FUD in the Indian market. I am feeling so sad for them who sold their USD at the price of INR 60 and I think that this should not happen. India is a growing crypto market where we have plenty of new users who are not much aware in terms of overall crypto knowledge. When media create a fud situation then they get worried and start selling their coins.

Here I am sharing the BTC chart in INR and USD market pair and you will see that there in the dump in BTC/INR pair but in BTC/USDT its not like that.

Screenshot 20211124 at 12.35.36 PM.png


Screenshot 20211124 at 12.35.53 PM.png

Indian media is pathetic and they proved it once again because they started reporting such news even without going through in deep and they even did not realize that how it will affect our people. This time once again there is official clarification or announcement by the government but the media did th same which they have been doing for years.

I am in crypto for more than 2 years so such things don't matter to me because I know that its a game played by media. I believe in crypto and just because of some FUD created by them is not going to change my mindset. Now since I got the opportunity to buy at low so I did. I am also not able to add funds in the exchnage because only a few banks support deposits but if I am able to make it today and the price stays at the lower side then I will buy more.

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