Selling GLX to increase SPS Holding

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SPS is one of the tokens that I am bullish on since the beginning of splinterlands. I never considered this token as free money and because of this reason I also did not think about booking the profit. I could have done it easily even when the price was pretty close to $1 but because I had a long-term vision so I did not change my strategy. Maybe the case that I missed an opportunity to sell at a high and buy back at a low price but that is okay because we never know how the market will behave in the next moment.

No, since the ear drop for the GLX token has started already and it is based on the amount of locked SPS in-game accounts. It means if we have more sps tokens staked in the account then we are going to have more GLX airdrop every day. These days the SPS is available at a low price and the GLX price is grown which means I can convert the GLX to SPS this way it will be a good time for me to increase my overall SPS token holding.


I even do not consider the GLX token as free money because I expect that this will also do good once the game is live. Eyes of now I see that it is a good decision to sell some GLX and convert these two SPS so that I can also increase my daily drop for the GLX tokens. This is like I can buy at a higher price and if I get another opportunity to buy at the low then I will be happy to do this.

These are different strategies that I am trying to apply and grow my overall holding but not sure how long I will be able to be successful I want to continue with the same method for now to grow my overall game holding. There are many things that we need to consider and if we can spend some time learning and understanding then it can also help us grow our overall stake in the game. I am not a big investor who can invest $1000 in one go but I am following a way through which even with a small investment I am trying to buy multiple things in the game. This way I hope that I will be able to manage my portfolio and add more value to this in the next couple of years.



File my account is on a rental so this way also I can earn a good amount of tokens I believe. All those amounts keep on fluctuating every day depending upon supply and demand in the market but I am ok with that. The service I use does it all for me and there is no manual intervention required from my side which is why I am very happy. I will continue to go with rain time unless I feel I need to play by myself. I also have a plan to upgrade my cards the so that my rental income can be increased but for now I am trying to increase my token holding and cards will be considered thereafter.

I hope that things keep on doing well and in the same way so that my plan can help me grow my portfolio and even the current market is a good time to invest more money. I am not sharing any kind of financial advice here this is just my strategy and experience so before you move ahead with investment please do your research.

Thank you so much
Stay Safe

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I too have a long-term view with SPS. Your strategy to increase ownership of these tokens is interesting


thanks and glad that you like it.

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121