Splinterlands: Why I Invest and Re-invest in SPS

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Splinterlands game has been growing with each passing day and adding more value to the hive ecosystem and this is something that everyone is enjoying whoever is part of this wonderful game. The last 2 weeks have been pretty good because the SPS price is doubled and even DEC is going high and we know that having more DEC means more SPS airdrop daily which anyways results in higher daily earning. I did work on my EC holding and tried to increase it a bit so that I can get more SPS tokens every day. This is part of my reinvestment strategy and I did buy some DEC this week to increase the numbers. Gaming is rewarding and now with the recent update, I started getting credits as daily quest rewards and these credits can be used to buy cards or packs in the game.



Its been 70 days of SPS earning and in this period of 70 days, I have been staking all my tokens. Staking apr was superb in the beginning and started with more than 500% now its reduced to 72% which is usually because when more people stake than this apr is bound to come down however I did not see a dip in my earning through the stake. Its because when I have less token staked with high apr or more tokens with less apr bring the more or less the same amount of tokens daily. So now apr is not a big thing for me as my earning in form of tokens is not impacted much and even this 72% APR is not bad at all.

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Earlier I was getting 36 SPS every day and after this addition now I am getting approx 42 tokens daily so there is an addition of 6 tokens however I am still trying to increase the stake more. I had some cards that I was not using to play so I sold them in the market to have more DEC and increase the daily SPS airdrop.

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Now since the hive price is pumped nicely and because of this DEC price dropped so I think that its another opportunity to bag more DEC and I am doing it. There is a big candle in red and its not because the DEC price is dropped instead its because the HIVE price in increased. Can we expect the DEC price to be $1 in the next few years? I expect that you will say that this is not possible and I somewhere agree but I guess we can expect the DEC price to be $0.10 which is achievable and in the crypto space anything is possible.

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Who had expected that the DOGE coin can be more than half a dollar or even more but it happed and we know that the DOGE coin has no fundamental value where DEC has a solid foundation so its likely to happen. It might take time but its quite possible and believe in the future so I am accumulation more DEC tokens. Obviously, those who hold DEC in millions will become billionaires that day but again we need not be so much optimistic.

SPS airdrop has completed 71 days out of 365 and its price is 0.63USD and its price is doubled in a week's time. I will not be surprised if SPS also reaches closer to 1$ price mark because there is increased demand due to upcoming packs and paying with SPS will provide a 10% instant discount in price.

I earn every day here on splinterlands and I re-invest it all to make it a bigger corpus and hopefully, by the end of the year, I should be able to have a decent holding in my account. I am not expecting huge or in terms of millions but a few thousand will make a big difference in my life.

So these 70 days have been so much fun and for sure exciting times ahead with the splinterlands game. If I need to summarise my gaming and earning experience with this platform then I can say that the splinterlands game has opened a bunch of opportunities and I never thought that I would ever be able to achieve this much. I am super excited fo the upcoming packs and will try to buy as much as I can.

Thank you so much.
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