The Non-Card Market is Launched by Splinterlands

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Splinterlands keep on adding new features and options to make the experience better for the community. This is very good and I believe they will keep on adding the same in the future where the community can experience new features and many new things on the platform. While the game is fun and there are multiple options to play and even with the digital assets in the platform they have also created multiple options to make the gameplay even better.

Now they have launched a noncard market where we can buy multiple types of assets in the portal with ease. We had the internal market to buy cards and events for the card rental but now it has been expanded to where we get the option to buy multiple digital assets in the same market. Be it lands or even different editions of packs, all these are available here and we can even see the balance of whatever we are holding with us.


Head over to the market tab to explore the new features! You can now buy and sell Packs, Land Claims, Totems, and Titles.

With the new market, the community has got an even better option to explore where they can sell or buy the assets easily. I have had a look at the options provided and the user interface is very good and easy to. We can list our assets in the market and even if you want to buy anything also we can do it with simple steps.

Now since sprinterlands has already reduced its manpower by 45% so it seems like now they are focusing more on development and providing innovative services and features to be a community. This is the bear market and the game is also affected by the market drop so I believe they are trying to you deliver this time in the best possible way to do more development and add the options that are going to make it even better. I like this interface a lot and I hope that it will help many people out there to make their overall experience better.



The trading can also be done on these digital sets listed in other markets and I can also see that there are options for the hive engines and wallet which means you just can get multiple options in the same place. DEC is the currency of the game but now with this another option has been added wire we can buy these digital sets using credits. So now we can say that credits are more useful and whenever there is an increase in price for hbd or HIV e we can buy it and buy the benefit.

I expect that there should also be the option to use SPS because if this happens then probably it will contribute to the increased demand in the market. We need to have more use cases for SPS tokens in the game ecosystem so that it grows further with the uses and that will also create more demand for the token in the market. Since I have been accumulating SPS tokens for a long so I expect the team to focus more on SPS and try different ways to add more value to the SPS price. It is difficult to predict the price for SPS as of now but I am very sure that this is highly undervalued and it is just a matter of time to see a positive price movement.

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