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Crypto has gotten so much attention in the last few years and because of the bull run and hype, quite a good number of people have entered crypto. This is really good for us because more people mean more money inflow which will contribute to a price in the crease of bitcoin and altcoins. Everyone in the crypto space wants to make money and even people make it a lot during the bull run but when a bear market starts then we see a different scenario and weak hands literally don't know what to do. This could be because of a lack of knowledge or learning of the market.



The current market is a good example of when people who are new in the market are in panic and it's probably because they came here for the short term and that too for making quick and easy money. The Crypto market is also the same as other markets including stocks, real estate, commodities, etc where it takes time to grow the money and nothing happens overnight. As per my experience, I can say that people who came here for the short term during the bull runs suffer a lot, and have seen many examples around me. It's because their holding power is not good and even a single crash in the market makes them worried and they start panic selling to save their money while an expert trader or holder starts buying prices shake.



Currently, the market sentiments are not good, and difficult to predict the next move so if someone wants to buy now and wants to book a quick profit then it can be highly risky because it's hard to predict the next market move but if we have holding power then just buy and hold till the time prices are not in our selling range.

Being a long-term believer in crypto, I have understood that we can earn much better in long term rather than doing intraday trading because it requires more technical knowledge and even more tie to see how things are moving. People spent the entire day looking in to screen for red and green lines whereas if we believe in crypto then just pick 10 solid projects for the long term. Trust me that only 10 coins can make you rich if you spend enough time to research and invest with discipline along with long-term goals. If we look closer and compare the growth in the last 5 years then things have grown significantly and just imagine how it will be after 5 years then why plan for just a few months or hardly a year. Investment should be peaceful and not something that takes our peace away and this is why a solid plan and long-term goal are required.

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hello @ reeta0119, your appreciation is very true, there are many new investors who are concerned about the current market, but undoubtedly for others it is time to buy but at different prices, to wait patiently and capitalize when possible .