Blood Bath in my Portfolio...

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The bear affect continues!

For the past few weeks, BTC has been taking hits while breaking all the resistance and climbing down close to 17k. Since the king is repeating history, his pawns are bound to follow. Resulting the crypto market turning into a blood bath. This is not something new which we have not seen or witnessed in the past. Market crashes! But eventually it bounces back. As surprising as it sounds but all these stages (up/down) is somehow not affecting me nowadays. Well, its obvious I will jump on whenever I will make a profit. Alternately, my portfolio is going down, so I should also have a chain reaction within myself. For instance, I should panic about loosing money or not choosing the right coin to dive into and so on! But surprisingly I am staying neutral. Not sure why is that happening but I suppose it is a good change within myself!

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  • Another pleasant day in the blockchain!

Since, the crypto market is going down I was expecting this was it for the day. But I suppose, like many of previous bad calls, I was going to fall for the trap once again. Which I did! After going through a coin and searching through its database and upcoming events I was pretty much convinced about some uptrend in this coin. So I jumped into it and slowly bought some chunks and I thought I made it. I was quite happy with myself. Narcissist Rehan, right lol!

Screenshot 2022-09-19 195037.png

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The above SS is just of those assets which are related to HIVE. And talking about all my other holdings, I would just let it be lol.

As soon as I bought the coin, it seemed like there was a chain reaction in the market. Probably a bad news spread out, which is why the crypto market was reacting accordingly. I was witnessing all this live. Market slowly going down! Although I must admit, nowadays I am enjoying these small pump and dumps happening in the market. So after considering various facts and upcoming event I bought Dark Energy Crystals. A typical crypto token backing up Splinterlands. There were few specific reasons why I bought DEC at this point

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  • It is not pegged yet, DEC is supposed to be a stable currency for Splinterland which should be pegged at $1. But lately it has been off the peg and awaiting to get back at pegged value. With the updates coming from Splinterlands, there is a chance where DEC will see its pegged value soon. A slight chance can be seen to make some decent amount of $$$ in this short trade. Although, I am holding enough DEC for longer term as well. As it will be needed in my future SL journey.

  • DEC utility, has not been seen much over the years. But with recent changes in the game, the supply of DEC is getting narrowed everyday. Which is going to create a shortage of DEC supply in the coming days. While in the past DEC was available at your doorstep at every phase of Splinterlands game. Another positive side of holding DEC in my account.

  • HIVE is what keeps us at check. I have been slowly staking, saving HIVE everyday. I do believe in HIVE and I have seen what a good bull market can do to HIVE. Also the Koreans can play some great role in price manipulations once in a while. Which is why staking some cheap HIVE also keeping liquid for those kind of scenarios as well.

  • Splintershards, tbh I want this coin as much as possible. As the updates which are awaiting for the game Splinterlands in the coming days it is going to be amazing. Which is why this current price for its native coin SPS is a steal. I do not know how many SPS coin I want but all I know is, I want it real bad. And as many as possible sounds fun and exciting for me as well. While, I am not selling this coin anytime soon.

Comparison of price, Marketcap, Volume of SPS

Screenshot 2022-09-19 221052.png

Screenshot 2022-09-19 221224.png
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On the above two images, as you may notice the differences in price range over two time frame. During October 2021, the price soared to a whopping $0.89 for SPS. Which increased the marketcap of the coin to a whole new level. Considering the fact where SPS has close to no utility during that period. Which just hopes and a road map it was able to catch the attention of investors during that period. After coming over a year long path, various ways have been implemented, roadmaps has been laid down and works are in progress, just decide for yourself how much effective it is going to be once all the developments comes to fruition. Even at this point, whatever Splinterlands is delivering towards the community it is massive. Any new update is creating buzz and having a positive impact within the players. Splinterlands has a long way to go and it is for you to decide what will be your actions in this path.

What can you do?

Well, nobody is going to spoon feed you anything. Welcome to the world of decentralization. Come make yourself educated and forge your path towards success. No blaming others!

Is it a guaranteed money?

If you want guaranteed money, just put your money into a bank. You will find a hefty amount ROI for your money every day/week/months. Leaving the HBD savings part as you are not ready yet ;)

What's next?

That is a very difficult question to answer. As I am loosing money now, so not so positive words are going to come out atm lol jk. It is for you to find out what's best for you.

If you want to play Splinterlands

Join the game here

Best regards

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Good luck with your investing. Hopefully we get a rebound.


Thank you and yup rebound is much awaited! While till then lets accumulate!


Yeah, HIVE has a way of bolstering sudden moves to the north! Great if you have liquid HIVE, as the price usually corrects pretty fast, enabling you to buy back lower and increase your stack!

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Tbh Hive at lower sounds more intimidating to me lol. May be I am being too honest but that way much more HIVE could be accumulated than of this current price. But either way scalping can be done in Hive and lately this ups and downs are also showing some opportunities for traders along the way. Let's see where the price of Hive goes. If down, I am gonna bag and tag them, if up need more ways to accumulate them before it goes out of range to purchase lol. Cheers!

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I am holding some SPS for a long time so this time this bloodbath hasn't affected me emotionally, as we say in Bengali shoye geche. But I remember the major pullbacks from BTC in past, felt like the mountain fell on me, hehehe.

Whatever I just love the way HIVE holds itself during BTC pullbacks, sometimes I see it pumping while everything else goes downnnnnnn. Impressive! SL assets are like a hidden gem, the way it's expanding themselves we can expect huge growth for sure.

I am just confused with SPS now, thinking of getting out during this ongoing RiftWatchers sale as I need some liquid and expecting a pump here, also aware of its future possibilities, any major exchange enlistment may skyrocket this, in a complete dilemma!


shoye geche

lol, the feeling is mutual indeed. But I suppose it is a good habit that you have mastered in a very short period of time.

  • Hive is by far one of my best investment

Doesn't matter in bear or bull market it has supported me in ways that in indescribable. While I hope someday to give something back to the community in any form possible.

As for SL, it has been a complete game changer. Looking forward to the success of this game in the long run. Hopefully we all get benefit from it since it is related to HIVE from core.

I am just confused with SPS now

After less than 20 minutes Splinterlands tower defence presale is going to be launched. I am having a strong FOMO now lol. But I will hold onto my DEC. Like I did with my SPS in the presale of riftwatchers. Currently 1/4 of my asset is locked in Chaos legion packs so I know how it actually feels.

I am just keeping some liquid SPS in my hand, so that if the price increases I will sell them and buy back once the price goes down. This way little more stake is guaranteed and I also am increasing my staked balance as we speak. So thinking both long and short term for my SPS balances.


I am just keeping some liquid SPS in my hand, so that if the price increases I will sell them and buy back once the price goes down

Planning exactly the same, you are planning to get a little more stake, and I am looking to gain a decent amount of liquid with this opportunity.


All the best to both of us than!!

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Hello @rehan12, I love your investment mentality 👌
This is great you know, you might be losing now (bloody market) but the future is bright 😎. A time you will have so many $$$ you lose being restored in multiple folds! I also have some little liquid hive 😂 hoping for the bull 🐂 market, that's the only coin 🪙 I hold, and not planning to sell any time soon.
However, I got some interesting info here about other coins, hopefully, I should do the needful when things normalize from my end.

Thanks for sharing this valuable content 👌👏❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


you might be losing now (bloody market) but the future is bright 😎

It took a long time to learn this lesson. Right coin investment can literally change the course of our lives. Witnessed it in the past. Keeping that in mind not focussing much on loosing $$ value atm which is why just accumulating as we speak even with my bloody red portfolio.

I suppose many of us started with HIVE. It is difficult to stop thyself to have more Hive lol. Keep on getting them no matter what. While slowly I suppose you can explore other layer 2 tokens, which has some great potential in the long run.

While once you get the taste of bull run, it would be difficult for you to leave that space 🚀 Until than just keep on holding and increaing your stake.

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While slowly I suppose you can explore other layer 2 tokens, which has some great potential in the long run.

Yeah, I am already planning on this, thanks for this soft reminder. I should take actions now!!