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It is not only me but whenever a million packs of CL gets sold, many users kind of go into crazy mode for about the upcoming airdrop of the new Legendary cards which gets introduced in Chaos Legion set. Luck has not been shining upon me, even after being eligible for the last 5 airdrops ;) No GF till now! But I must confess, this whole chaos airdrop has been a quite new feelings for and my first time getting hyped over it! This whole adrenaline rush during airdrop is indeed worth it!

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Talking about the latest airdrop, CARNAGE TITAN does seems like a pretty effective monster within the game. With all its abilities, it can do some great damage to the opponent in high mana games. Well, I was able to get four of the standard card and no GF this time as well, unlucky me. Hopefully in the next airdrop legendary cards, there will be few Gold foils awaiting for me.


Chaos Legion packs

I was very much hyped about Chaos Legion set upon its release. I also went in with packs as much I was able to afford. Yes, I must admit, it helped me along the way to earn some extra rewards for the SPS airdrop. That is a positive side for me. I will probably not open them until the airdrop closes down. So in that regard I am making the best use of the packs as long as possible. Although, I have a very bad habit of opening packs lol. I will restrain myself as much as I can!


According to the sale of chaos legion packs from Splinterlands shopping page, 8,023,746 have been sold until today (while writing this post). If I start counting the number of days after the general sale, it took almost two and half months for the 5 million plus packs to get sold from the 12 million packs. The reason I am counting from the general sale is because this is where everyone gets the chance to get hands on packs for themselves, without any additional requirements.

As you can see it is more than 1/3 of the chaos legion packs to get sold so far. That even with a time difference of little over two months. My point here is, the rest of the packs which are yet to be sold, it may take 4 more months or over a year to make chaos legion packs unavailable from Splinterlands official site. My next concern is the value of these chaos legion cards are probably to follow the previous steps of its predecessors, aka the alpha, beta and untamed cards upon getting sold out. In more finite terms, the value of these individual cards might sore up like it happened few months back. Which I do really want it to happen like all the other players, as there would be some ravishing improvements in my finance as well lol.

Although, I am worried about two major issues which might take place in the long run

  • The ROI from playing and owning the cards

  • The sustainability

I do very well understand the total mechanics of the game! How the rewards are coming and also how the team is really doing their best to make this game reach to the mass. The value of the cards is as well remaining quite constant, as we can see from the very first edition alpha cards. Which does really gives me hope for long term value of holding these cards. While when it comes to ROI, I am getting quite quirky in this zone. Like, I mean I am getting into more long term than of thinking short term, like I used to do. So that is also giving me quite some benefit for holding these cards for years.

I guess, the dip and bull taught me some very good lessons along the way. Hodling the right coins/tokens/nft's are the real deal. Better get hands on them when you can or else just wait for the right opportunity at your disposal and grab it ASAP!

Images used in the post are collected from Splinterlands.

Best regards

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Airdrop cards are powerful. I wish I got more cards than what I hold at this moment.
Happy cards collection.