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HIVE at 11 Cents!!

As shocking as it sounds, HIVE is indeed at 11 cents while I am drafting this post. We have been noticing the up and downtrend for quite some time, naturally it has been affecting the users, investors in several ways. Let us see what is actually happening in a novice POV and try to deduce some facts on to it.


The above screenshot is from Binance. A 12 hour chart representing a clear downtrend. Although we may be able to witness some spike in price here and then but those were not able to sustain with a strong hold. Which continuously resulted in a downtrend. Even now we possibly are at a lower end in terms of price for HIVE.

When I see in a business perspective, I would possibly invest in Crypto! As there are promising projects, which would give me a decent ROI. I have seen HIVE from the very beginning like many of you. If I am being honest, I can contribute to this community via sharing my thoughts/ideas but when it comes to finance, I am possibly a small fish in an ocean. We need much bigger fishes to make things right for this chain. For that, we need to attract those whales with what we have. And believe me, we have much more things going on then we can possibly imagine!

  • Decentralized Eco-system
  • No censorship
  • Fee-less transaction

and much more.

recently, I was asked by a fellow HIVE user, Should I buy HIVE at this price? My immediate reply was, are you thinking long term or short term? Once he said short term, my answer was don not! If he said he was thinking long term I would have definitely said go for it. As in long term even if he Powers up that token he will get a benefit and make proper use of it.

What if HIVE goes deeper into the pond. I honestly, do not care. Yep, As I am here for long term. But we need to sustain a resource to make things right and instead of letting it go deep into the gutter (in terms of price) we need to bring it back. As currently, we need to find different ways to make these dumping of HIVE on to market as low as possible. For that we need some more use case of HIVE.


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Have you noticed, we are seeing much lesser posts on HIVE?

Ye, whenever the price declines people tend to go on a vacation. This have happened in the past with Steemit and also now happening with HIVE. But honestly, those who are still continuing their usual activities, they are going to have the most benefit out of this situation. Less people= more chance of getting curate. More chance of accumulating HP in this low price.

While it all depends on POV! So it is for you to decide, how you will act in this downtrend and how you are going to make use of this current trend!

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