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I still remember the very early days of my job life! I was expecting to be busy (very busy) throughout this job duration. You may as well call it, newly enthusiasm or even the excitement got through me. Needless, to say I was about to be disappointed and finally at the end I got quite upset watching the reality than what I dreamed of. Do not get me wrong, I am an workaholic but the problem lied with the system and how it was being utilized over the time. I probably was expecting too much cleanliness for the things to be. Lesson learned big time! Even after all these Job was not really boring boring to me. The excitement of making and closing all the deals and getting benefits was always fascinating. Few things which I was able to learn from these sector will probably help me life time. And I am glad all these jobs have taught me at least something from their respected places.


Maintaining the schedule

The people who knows me, they know I have a very bad habit of not picking up PHONE Calls ;) ! Due to this issue I had to face difficult situation over the time and still I have this problem. But yeah, I am trying my best to get over this issue. Apart from this issue, I suppose I have not picked up any other bad habit for which people would even feel like killing me or even worse ;)

Holding a task for the last minute was something which I was able to get over with. This may sound little over board but that thrill was indeed worth it. Even though the results do not come out as productive as it would have been when doing the task with time and effort. Never ever, yeah never ever keep a task for last minute! You might be a pro at whatever task you do but without proper consent you will never really come up with a decent result and it has been proven in many ways. Don't believe me, just take a peek at your past and you might some examples from your life.


Take notes! This is one of the best way to maintain your schedule and do tasks precisely. I always try to maintain these. If possible I try to take hand notes. These are probably little more effective than digital ones. But when it comes to money, I trust my pc or phone more than myself ;) I can make mistakes but they can not ;) Yeah for some people maintaining a balance sheet is probably a difficult task to do but it does allows you to see what you have been able to achieve, lets say in a week or a month.

Lets say, the small trades that I perform in HE, a ledger helps me maintain from where I am making more profits/loss so that I can cut/add funds from those coins. In the past I just went in and do the trades and come out with a profit/loss. But this way it helps to scrutinize my strategy in a lot of ways. Helps in consuming less time in figuring out where the mistake is happening but maintaining it is a time consuming effort. But it is worth it!

While above everything, it is necessary for us to maintain schedule, time frame of our tasks in order to get a productive result at the end!

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