BTC PUMP || PayPal Effect || Incident

1 month ago
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Something good might happen in the coming days. All the eyes are on the crypto right now. Atleast the news of Paypal really got us surprisingly (in a good way though).

While I am thinking what might happen with after affect of this news, let;'s say in a month or so. If the news is taken positively among other big companies then we might see some new investments being made into crypto. Thus new funds, new adoption, new source and new opportunities.

Besides within these ups and downs, the fact of taking the opportunity lies very bluntly. If you are a risk taker than you might as well try it. But under your risk!

Volatility is another synonym for crypto jk, be aware of such things.

Images used in the vlog & thumbnail are used from: Paypal, CMC, Unsplash
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