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It has been quite a few days, where I have been posting on LEO-finance. Everyday for a week to be more precise. In the past, I was not very active about posting Finance related contents thus was away from this particular niche. As Leofinance has its own strict rule of creating finance related contents only(it could be anything, as long as it has sth related to finance). Considering all that I have been successful on posting on the forum of Leofinance for over a week and so far it was a different sort of experience. Coming out from another another style of writing and adopting to another, it was a fun and yet exciting way of making things work. I was aware of few prospects on leo-finance as because the focus of finance related topic was the prime focus on here and basically there are many things happening on HIVE front-ends, so it is basically hard to figure out the ones (finance related) among all the other posts. For instance about the KOINOS mining issue came to my focus because of me surfing on Leofinance. I am pretty sure I would have skipped or not noticed some posts regarding to it even if I was looking on any hive front-ends. Let me display my 1 week transformation so far.

But before that I would like to say, I started creating contents on LEO tribe I was going through some posts from Leofinance and Khal about, how users are making a difference in terms of posting on HIVE and on LEO-finance. As surprising as it may sounds, there are users who are getting much more benefits on LEO than on HIVE (in terms of engagement and payouts). Check out this POST!

  • Day 1

As you may notice the above SS is from HIVE and the lower (leo payyout) is from Leofinance. I will display a table at the end of this post to describe it elaborately. I am counting the last seven days of my posts. Hive payouts on the post is $15.56 and 17.32 LEO.

  • Day 2 & 3


Honestly, I was getting hyped about the situation. All the transformation and sound created by LEO was kind of unexpected or it is looking to me like that, probably because I was away busy in other things. HYPE and good updates does creates a lot of attention.
Day 2, Hive upvote worth was $14.20 and Leo was 20.16 Leo. Similarly on day 3 Hive post worth $8.30 and Leo was 28.04.

  • Day 4, 5 , 6


Koinos Mining is really getting hyped. For something that is not even worth anything (token) is is a rare story. But the people behind is what matters the most. Looking forward to the upcoming days. As for me I am planning to get some bag from Uni-swap rather than mining lol. The gas fees are making me go crazy tbh.

Post votes worth :
  • Day 4 : Hive $14.72 and Leo 51.22 Leo
  • Day 5 : Hive $15.22 and Leo 19.87 Leo
  • Day 6 : Hive $10.51 and Leo 13.33 Leo

Last but not the least on day 7 (Yesterday). It was quite an intriguing topic to write about from my side. If only HIVE got the attention that it was suppose to get it would have been much more amazing than it already is. One day it shall happen indeed.


Yesterday's post vote worth, Hive value worth $ 11.69 and Leo worth 51.78. Let me input the past seven days in terms of payouts only. Which is how much I will be getting after the payout will happen. And I will deduce it in terms of $USD, in current market price.

1$ 7.78$1.3
2$ 7.10$1.6
3$ 4.15$2.2
4$ 7.37$4.0
5$ 7.61$1.6
6$ 5.26$1.0
7$ 5.8$4.1
Total$ 50.87$15.8

Not too bad I suppose. While the liquid LEO that I am currently getting from my post in getting powered up and I am using an alternate account rehan-leo for curation purpose of LEO tribe (to save up the vp) of my main account rehan12. I am delegating everyday from my main account to the other account and stake is slowly growing. Next target is to reach to a decent level of LEO-Power before the end of 2020. As LEO might not be this cheap in price, as time time is passing by ;) Grab them as soon as you can. Not a financial advice though ;)

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