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How many of you have missed the biggest BULL run of crypto in 2017 (end) and 2018 (start)? If you have, congratulations! As you do not have to go through such sensation of comfort, by just thinking about it, as of today! If you have been through the bull run than you should be aware how it really felt. Of course, those who were able to take some significant profit out of those moments, they have chilled the most. Whereas, those who entered crypto at that specific moment, some of them are still biting their nails. As many people bought few cryptos, at a pretty high rate and some of them are still holding it as of today (Steem is exceptional example of that)! Many people learned the true meaning of volatility in those months.


Needless to say, we learn from our mistakes. I might say that but seriously, do we learn from our mistakes? I have seen some crypto rise from the ashes just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I knew that it will explode in the coming days. But still my inner self convinced myself not purchase or get into it, as anything can happen in the future. Which theoretically meant in my mind, I might loose my money! Yep, still this sensation of inner talks always go through in my mind. Does it happen to you?

I suppose, I am not alone in this phase. If I shout at some crypto nerds they might have gone through the same feeling. I have nothing to say in return but just want to add, we learn from the mistakes haha.

I can focus on many important facts which might turn my future in a positive way, rather than focusing on the opportunities which I missed in the past. But come on, the biggest one so far was, I missed the chance to get ETH below $20 :( whenever I remember it , it hurts lol! But yeah, we need to overcome those obstacles and make things right for us. Focus on the opportunities at hand and make proper use of them.


The predictions of crypto enthusiast says, we might see a bull run prior to 2017 very soon. Even though it is a speculation, it feels little energetic by just the news of it. Even the market lately is working towards a decent pace of uptrend. Which tokens have you been accumulating lately? Do not tell me you were just sleeping and increasing your weight for the past few months of corona! Collect the tokens which you think has a promising future. Invest now and chill later! For example HIVE at this price is a steal. I might be wrong as we might/might not see a lower price in the coming days but don't you think there will not be updates happening to the blockchain which would impact the price and the tech behind it. Yep, it is understandable HIVE is undervalued and with the minds behind it and with some new upgrades we might see a sustainable growth in the coming days. Similarly there are plenty of other promising crypto's which might soar in the future! Keep your eyes and ears open and collect those!

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