RE: The best time to invest since 2010!

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I have not been into Stock market yet! But I really want to explore that world too! Probably in the future. While as for crypto there are indeed certain aspects which are still to be determined. As we are still not aware where the bottom is and where it is going to be. But yet as of now I am diving in. Maybe slowly is the perfect term! While DCA seems to be best route as of this moment.

While as for HIVE, this current price is quite lucrative! Well we sure have seen 10 cent drama over HIVE but than again a nice time to get some HIVE along the way in this current price.

I want to so many coins atm but have to limit the urge lol

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You can't put all your eggs in the crypto basket. The stock market is a must in your overall portolio, in my opinion. Now is a great time to start...