RE: Modest Accumulation - More Powerful Than You Think

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At this current bear market I want to do so much but with the resources that I have at my disposal I can only do so much. While this current bear market would have been a huge down fall to me if I was a newb in crypto. But the situation is sort of different at this point. As of now, if I had enough liquid money, I would have invested quite hard into crypto! Not that I am saying I would have gone all in but this could have been an opportunity of a life time.

While there are few coins/tokens which I am totally not counting in terms of dollar value. Instead I am just accumulating as much as I can. As I believe in this coins and I tend to keep them for long term. Hopefully they will bear fruit like the way that I am thinking!

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It's flat-out accumulation from here... new lows likely, but this is the final leg, in my opinion.

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