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It is no doubt, cryptocurrency have emerge to the level of acceptance in several countries and the definitive meaning of it, is rising in terms of value each and every day. Thus, the security and insecurity of different aspect of people (who have ideas about crypto and it's tech) are rising and we are seeing the potential increase of use case of this technology in our everyday life. Which no wonder is a very good implications towards the future decentralization but also arises some much needed queries from different perspective of people. Let's discuss some of those in here.

  • Lack of Knowledge

The things that I am not aware of, will definitively scare the hell out of me about that unknown fact, it is probably the major and the important fact that oppress people from learning and making a stance for themselves. Likely it is happening for the tech behind crypto currency. Blockchain could have made a huge difference in our lives if only it was adopted in the right way.

The governance of politics/politicians would have slowed down or probably even blew away, if transparency got over the use case of government funds/issues/lifestyle of politicians and so on. People are afraid of loosing power, which makes them fear changes. But changes are inevitable and we the people may react slowly but changes are what makes our life better and keep up with the current trend of life. I do not want to live in the stone age in 2020, I suppose you do not want it as well!

If only the true meaning of "of the people, for the people, by the people" was understood by some of the people of government, the scenario would have been a lot different!

  • How HIVE can play a nice role into this change?

I may be biased about the points that I am going to share but I would definitely point out the facts and reasons behind it. The fact that social media platforms can make a person see the real value of their of their time was introduced to us via Youtube and some other similar platforms. Where a content creator can get value for their time in exchange for sharing their contents. Thus with a similar (but decentralized) concept we saw the grow of STEEM-it in the past. History was created and now here we are with HIVE. A long path, many lessons and definitely some true faces were revealed along these years.


A simple difference between BTC, ETH and HIVE. BTC will no doubt be the mother currency of crypto. It is what it is. But the fact still remains, about the transfer of BTC from one wallet to another. The fees and the time duration will block many users to think about the use case of it in vast. The same goes for ETH, the recent hike of GAS fees is noticeable by all of us. Those fees are HUGE and in ways where cryto field have never seen. Even in all time high BTC transfer fees were not this much but as of this moment ETH has made a remark in that sense, making every Crypto fall behind in terms of GAS/trx fees. It is no wonder ETH has a backbone and a strong foundation hich can build a strong eco system in its chain but it will not be affordable/mass addoption until this issue of fees are dealt with.

Whereas, HIVE with a secure eco system, with ZERO transaction fees, with 3 second duration of transfer can make a huge difference to any project or an eco system. But still mass adoption is being halted or not seen the way it was supposed to be seen. We already have a ready platform but the attraction of investors/users/devs are not seen in mass. We probably need to figure a way to do that and make the best use case of the DAO funds that is in check. This a matter which really needs to be in check and focus needs to be given at the right time.

  • You have made a loss in Crypto!!

Being in this world of crypto is a huge blessing and it can be the other way around. Due to the nature of decentralization it is solely your responsibility to make sure of the assets that you are getting into. Do not follow the crowd blindly. And please for the love of GOD, DYOR.

I am not sure, if there is a 100% guaranteed profit in a business/project. It depends on the POV of the owner of a project/investor, how/in which way he/she will use that fund to make profit out of the investment. Cryptocurrency can be merciful and make you reach the peak within few days but the retribution from it, can be hard to dealt with! Keep that in mind at all times.

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