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The last few days have been a crazy ride of BTC and altcoin. Even though the price of BTC have declined a little, we may as well call it a market correction but the fact still remains, what is actually awaiting for us all in the coming days. The pump of BTC attracted a lot of eyes all across the globe. Even a country like mine (which is somehow against crypto) reports and news are being made in support of BTC and virtual currency. Needless to say, it is going to be a nice ride in the coming days for countries which are yet to adopt crypto!


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What we have witnessed in the last few days, might be just a glimpse of what to arrive in the next few days. I am talking about a new ATH of BTC and we are yet to see and witness the run of altcoins. If that happens at the end of the year, this is going to be one of the most anticipating and exciting gift of the year by the crypto eco-system. Now, there are plenty of questions lurking around, especially when you are trying to get into a crypto and not miss the altcoin run (if it happens)!

Following some simple but yet effective strategy at hand :

Doing some background check and getting involved in coins which I can afford to buy. To be more precise, if I invest an handsome amount in BTC at this moment, I would probably get a fraction amount of BTC with what I have but on the other hand, if I find a suitable coin which is much lower in price and has enough use case and has a chance to get up in the alt run, I would end up with much higher profit than of BTC. For instance coins like XRP, ADA, EOS nd of course our HIVE and some HE tokens. Collect bigger portions with slightly larger profits.

Coming to the point of taking profits! This is probably one of the most trickiest part! I do this mistake all the time. Call it madness or fear but I often get late to take the profits, whenever I intend to do so, in a trade ;( Regardless of all this, we move on!

HP and Hive are assets which could be used in several ways. Having them is like a gem and luckily you end up with even more satisfying portions of other coins. What I am trying to say is the airdrop of tokens which have happened in the past based on HIVE and HP. Do not tell me you have missed the announcement post of theycallmedan here. Something interesting is coming up in the next few months. Hopefully it is going to turn the tide in a positive way for HIVE and who knows many other platforms might evolve from that or it will be a positive publicity for HIVE and the eco-system.

All in all, the next few days/months is going to be really interesting and exciting. Fill your bags up and get ready ;)

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