The In-efficiency of HIVE and way coming out of it..

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If you are aware of CRYPTO and have gained even a little amount of knowledge in recent times, than you should be aware of the present situation of the crypto world. The talk of the town is DE-Fi, GAS fees and scams. Among all of these HIVE should have been the talk of the town but seems like it is missing lime light which it was suppose to get.


  • Issues

Gas Fess :

ETH should have exploded or reached it's ATH due to the crazy usage of its tech. Vitalik should have seen this or at-least predicted this whole scenario (we expet too much from them I suppose). But needless to say we are seeing what is happening with ETH. Uni-swap really brought something extra ordinary for ETH. Which is allowing ETH's fame to cross even more. I have seen some people talking about gas fees of ETH in a very deep matter but as a matter of fact, those people had close to no idea about ETH even few days back. Irony of getting something marketed in such a hyped way.

Like many other who are into ETH transactions, I also had to go through the transition of paying HIGH gas fees while transferring ETH. Even I did not want to but I had to. Considering the fact about some cryptos out there where Fees are just a word. HIVE can be the HUB for all these crazy things which could see the monotony of the such weird fees and other scalability.

  • ETH - Crazy Gas fees
  • HIVE - 0 Gas/transfer fees

  • TIME

It is considered "time is money". But in some cases BTC and few other coins can make you realize the value of waiting, in like eternity. Which is where ETH also plays a huge role. Have faced this issue of trx not going through but yet you have to pay the trx fees, lame very lame.

HIVE can be a savior in that particular zone. Trasnaction are super fast compared to some other cryptos. In more specific words Transactions take less than 3 seconds. Can complete over 1000 Transactions each seconds and can easily scale to 10k transaction. Scalability issue can be fixed in various ways. The two most major points can be fixed via the usability of HIVE.

Everything is here, on the plate up and running! Still what is actually missing?

If I speak as a general content creator of Hive, I would say :

  • majority of the people (atleast those who are in crypto) are not giving priority to HIVE/it's ecosystem or they have no specific idea about how HIVE actually works. In short lack of knowledge about HIVEE cosystem.

Solution : Target some crypto influnecers (Youtubers/Twitter celeb) if need be pay them (we have DAO funds right) and let teh whole world know what HIVE actually is doing.

  • Too much liquid is going out of HIVE in the market. Yeah, we can not do anything about it. As this is what makes HIVE even more interesting, as the payouts via blogs/vlogs/comment is what gives incentivs to people like us and makes HIVE such a unique platform.

Solution : Use another way of revenue to generate money to buy off HIVE/HBD from the market. Introduce adds in! I know it might sound rhetorical but it could act as a weapon for us. Marketers will know about us, we will prevail in more people's knowledge which is what we need right now, more Focus on us and that is positive ones. It might not sound enough but LEO token a tribe of our own has shown how much effective it can be. SO big guys you can think about it. I am not aware of behind the scenes of technical parts but from a normal perspectives, this sounds logical to me.

There are so many ways to use those funds and make something decent out of it. I might be overwhelmingly talking about an uncertain option but it can be a way. And I suppose there are different users who have ideas and those could be used for us and for the sake of HIVE!

We have such a good potential out in here but due to lack of publicity and use cases we are being left behind. If this goes own we might see sth bad or even worse come towards HIVE. The platform which we fought for and technically some of our users lost thousands of bucks by a traitor, we can not give up on that. We have a future and we are the owner of these chain (each and every one of us). Let's make it worth while and take HIVE to where it deserves to be!

Best regards

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