The need of liquidity in a Portfolio!

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It has been coming to my attention, I have been misusing my funds for different purposes. FYI only crypto funds! So it seems, I am getting into different projects which I was told not to get involved with in the first place! Guilty as charged. But if I am being honest, this a mixed feeling for myself as well. So was all those worth it? Come, get a glimpse of what is happening atm with me!


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For the last couple of months, I was thinking of exploring things outside of the box, you know like the little out of the context works that I am not really familiar with. Although, I am quite cranky when it comes to investments and also seem to trust some inner circle of mine (friends) way too much. In a way, so far it has been great for me and sometimes it was too much to handle that I am being honest about. Either way, you need a path to walk through, no matter how dark or bright it is! "If you do not start it, you are never going to know how will it end"!

I have a very bad habit of spending money to the last dime! Yep, this is an issue that I am working upon but it is hard to resist lol. Coming to the point, if you are trading or deciding to get (invest) into a new/old coin liquidity comes as a savior. Upon facing some of these hard times, when I thought of getting into a coin but I was not able to due to the liquidity issue have taught me a hard lesson. As of now I do keep a stand on liquidity in my portfolio at all times. I guess, I am improving in that sector, atleast for now!

An example given below. few days when we were seeing some pump in tribe tokens, I was very much interested in getting into the basic token of TRibe from where it all started. Which is the PAL token. As you may notice the chart is bullish compared to the past months. I so much wanted to get in on PAL at lowest price but was not able to do so as I was out of liquidity ;( When I got the fund, it was too late to get into it, with thr price that I intended to get into.


One issue that I have been facing in terms of trusting people (especially in crypto) is getting vague. Whenever I find a reason to trust some people, they always end up showing an example for me to actually not to. But on the other hand, I was given the opportunity to come up and work with some of the good people to work side by side. That is an honor indeed. If I say about HIVE, this is one of those places to find such kind of people (good ones lol). We definitely have a lot to improve.

To sum up, always have some liquidity to back you up. You never know when they would come up handy. I suppose when you learn them the hard way, you tend to remember them better ;) See you soon, fellows!

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