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Lately, I have been doing most of my tasks from my home. It does reminds me of the deadly phase of COVID. Apparently, working from home has its ups and downs! One of the major positive side of working home is, you get a lot of free time! Like if you are tired, you can take a small nap or if you are bored, you can do things which you like. Such as listen to music do stuffs which entertain you and so on! Which is not really possible in a real time job outside of home. Tbh I am enjoying it as well. But on the other side, it has a serious bad impact on my lifestyle. I have not been noticing it, until today!

Since, my overall productivity has increased I was happy to witness it. But my free time has reluctantly increased over the last couple of weeks. Not that I am complaining as I am feeling better. Stress has been reduced which is why I am sleeping well, having home made foods also is delicious. But the free time is going elsewhere. That free time is not going into crypto or in Youtube or learning something new but all of it is going in on Facebook and Instagram.

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Yeah, honestly I am surprised myself! I was looking at the data on my phone and whilst I was seeing which app is consuming most of my time and I ended up with these two. To my surprise, I was stunned for few seconds. I was like WTH is this. I thought the data was wrong but once I gave it a thought it was indeed true. I was going back and forth in facebook for the last few days. I had literally no idea how much time I was wasting out there. Now you might say I am over reacting! Let me say what is actually happening out in here!

Facebook, is definitely one of those social media where you get to see what your whole family and friends and beyond are upto. No wonder it has taken access to billions of people phone. It is fun and exciting to witness what others are upto. But it is affecting people both mentally and physically as well. As I had these issues when I first started using facebook back in 2011-2012. My academic result fell down and it was a nightmare. With all the updates, facebook is keeping you at check. Name it what you want, Facebook's algorithm will place it in front of you. Everything that you want Facebook has it for you. What facebook needs is just your time. Your time is their money.

The reason why I am furious about it atm is I know all of these but yet I am doing everything which I do not tend to do lol. I am neither a content creator in Facebook and neither do I have any benefit from using facebook. I was just spending my free time on facebook and slowly it became a necessity lol. I do admit, Facebook and Instagram has every opportunity for you to get entertained and also for countless users it is a medium for income source as well. But it somehow affects you and allows you give your time out in there without you even knowing. That's how addictive it is and that is what's bugging me all along.

Facebook is earning billions from the time we are giving as a consumer. I do need to give a round of applause to Mark for creating something like Facebook. Where he is nor forcing anyone to do anything but yet almost everyone is rushing towards it and doing what he exactly wants us to do. Such a pity!

Sooner than later, I do really wish for HIVE blockchain to attain such level of communication towards its content creators and consumers. Yes, we are still in early age and unlike Facebook or any other social media forum it takes a long time to create a userbase and be at a certain position for themselves. HIVE will attain to that level in near future.

Since HIVE has a vast opportunity for its content creators and you do not have to follow thousand of guidelines like web2 platforms. Just be original and authentic and you are good to go. If only people knew what they were missing. I suppose we just need time to get over these sort of scenarios and until than as an early start we are lucky to be here and accumulate as much as possible. Be that it may coin, token or audience.

They do say, TIME is money and hence it is proved once again ;)

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