Wrong Timing, Wrong Click!!

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The moment of Shame......

That awkward moment, when you sell your crypto thinking this is how much up it will go for the day but it opposes the resistance and fly away crossing all the borders, leaving you in the shame of guilt. Allowing you to be the victim of your wicked thoughts! To be honest, it happens to me a lot! Now that I am writing it down in blockchain which is going to stay forever btw, I hope I get to learn something from those past actions. But I have a strong belief, my guts and greed of getting more tokens/coins will force me to go through this sort of situation again and again lol.

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Although it happens to me while scalping/trading coins/tokens but as of now I am talking about HIVE! The unpredictable crypto which sometimes opposes the law of market. If you are in HIVE for some time, undoubtedly you must have witnessed this scenario. Where almost every coin is down in the market for that particular day but HIVE is going upward breaking all the resistance. On the other hand, almost all the coins are going up but HIVE is going deep down and reaching the bottom for the day. There is also another scenario where it does follows the trend of the market. Unpredictable crypto indeed!

Wrong Timing!

The above situation which I discussed is laid down here in the SS. Few days back HIVE dipped down to 0.40 ish area and I was lucky to close some trades with profits. Honestly I was feeling great with those trades but what happened you can guess it by watching the SS I suppose. As of now, Hive is sitting at 0.46 area leaving me with USDT at hand. I might sound like a bad person but TBH I am still waiting for HIVE to reach my buying area so that I can get some more HIVE along the way :)

After all these years one lesson that I have learned, "Always have liquid HIVE in your wallet"! Like I said HIVE in unpredictable and it does makes unpredictable moves in the market. The SS is one of those trades that I have done. I have multiple buy orders awaiting at different prices awaiting for it to be filled up along the way :)Do not get me wrong, I still want HIVE to get to $3 above like it did in the past but before that happens again, I just want to be prepared and make the best out of that situation, that's it!

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Due to this downtrend in the market for the last couple of weeks, I suppose many people were making the best out of this scenario. Accumulation phase has been going on and along with it panicking was also a part of everyday activities by many people out there. Although nobody knows who is going to be the actual winner at this point. Those who are accumulating or those who are selling? Only time will tell!

Although, I really wanted to grab some of my favorite coins/tokens as much as possible due to this downtrend. And I can not say I am happy with myself. As I was not able to reach the threshold that I thought of. But who knows how much longer the bear market is going to be here with us. I am going to make up for it and grab as much as possible in this downtrend!

Well, I can not say for certain where this bear market will take us. But one thing that I can say for sure, these sort of situations has been seen by many OG's of present crypto millionaires. They survived much more severe crash of the past and those who have stuck with their holdings they have smiled at the end of the road. Let's see where it can take us and as of now, I would like to be one of those hodlers along the way :)

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