Better Hurry Just 100,000 More Packs (Splinterlands Airdrop)

What Is Splinterlands? Splinterlands is a blockchain game that utilizes NFT's for game play Chaos Legion is a set of NFT's used in…

It's Back: SPT Burn Post Week Twenty-One

This Weeks Burn(All Liquid SPT Burned) ![image.png](https:

The Current Cryptocurrency Market: Are You Buying Or Crying??

We all new it was coming (well at least those of us who been around the cryptocurrency markets for longer than a year or two new it was…

Splinterlands Tournament: The Original Gangsters (Alpha+Beta)

The Original Gangsters I'm hosting my

Three Free Splinterland Cards + Splinterlands Lore Showcased!

Every now and then I like to do a straight up card giveaway. Like all my giveaways entry requirements are minimal. Today we will be giving…

Its Time To Stake My LEO/POB & Other Tribe Tokens

Its been awhile since I went down my Tribe Token list and staked my liquid holdings so today I will do just that. Using my best Bruce…

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Thirty-One⭐️

I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. N

New Splinterlands Airdrop Cards Available

Each time one million Chaos Legion Packs are sold a new card gets airdropped to the players and investors of the game. To qualify for…

Purchasing And Opening Chaos Legion Packs + Splinterlands Lore Showcased!

As many know [Splinterlands](

General Sale Is A Massive Success/ Chaos Legion Booster Winner!

Just about 24 hours ago Splinterlands general sale for Chaos Legion Booster Packs went full force. Before we get to the nitty gritty…

Free Chaos Legion Booster Pack (General Sale Prediction Contest)

Readers: " RentMoney Are You Crazy? " RentMoney: " YES I AM! " General sale of Chaos Legion Packs will be in full swing in just…

Season Rewards/ Card Winner Announcement/ Lore Showcased/ Vouchers Are Mooning/ Rentmoney's Recent Posts/ Watch A Battle!

I haven't been giving much attention to my Rank play the last few seasons but I was still able to sneak to Gold I. I usually hit Diamond…

Shill Me Your Blog Results

Today we flip the script on the negative definition of Shill and turn it into something positive. About a week ago I asked the…

How To Claim Chaos Legion Airdrop

Chaos Legion General Sale 1.0 has ended. As we wait for General Sale 2.0 to start we have some goodies to look forward to. For those of…

Purchasing Chaos Legion Packs

General Sale Phase One is ending in just hours. Currently I have only purchased a total of 154 Chaos Legion Packs (I know shocking). One…

Introducing LeoDex (Trade Your Hive Native Tokens)

I know what some of you are thinking: "RentMoney, LeoDex has been around for awhile now". To that I say "Correct" but regardless of that…

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Thirty⭐️

I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. N

Just Three Days Left (Chaos Legion General Sale Phase One)

There is just over three days to go before General Sale Phase One is complete. For those that don't know General Sale Phase one or General…

Shill Me Your Blog

The above definition of Shill (dictionary.com) sounds so negative. Most the internet world who do shill f

RentMoney's Hive Price Prediction

First I will preface this by saying, "I am NOT a financial adviser" . In fact I routinely make poor financial decisions. This post is…