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Advertisement Works

Are you struggling to get your blog noticed? You tried short to the point posts. You tried long posts that took you hours of research. You tried posts that took hours to format and get "just right". You tried giveaways, gaming posts and general life posts. Regardless of doing all this does nothing seem to work. If this sounds like you let me ask you this one question, "are you utilizing all that is in front of you". No I'm not talking about your skill-set in creating a post. No I'm not talking about the content of your posts. What I speak of is just as important or possibly more important than anything aforementioned. I'm talking about advertising. No not traditional adds we see plaguing almost every webpage we visit. The advertisement I speak of can be found right here on the good ol' Hive Blockchain. Getting noticed on HIVE can be difficult but the key in doing so is interaction (lots of and lots of interaction).

Advertise Your Blog

Advertise your blog by being proactive in visiting other like minded blog posts. Be proactive by joining discords and share your post link in any appropriate channel. Join tribes (communities) that are built around the same type of content you create. Explore the different front-ends Hive has to offer (Peakd, Ecency, LeoFinance). There is an awesome new feature on LeoFinance front-end called Threads that only allow 240 characters worth of content (perfect for advertising ones posts). If all you are doing is creating content and hoping for someone to stumble across it you are doing yourself and all the hard work you have done to create that post an injustice. This is not to say such posts won't get noticed. They very well might but the more effort put in the greater the chance you start seeing the results you want.

Take That First Step

Are you ready to get started on your advertising journey. A baby step in the right direction is better than staying stagnant. Today in the comment section of the @rentmoney blog we are advocating for readers and post contributors to advertise their HIVE blog. Do you blog about gaming, animals, life or do it yourself projects? Great, lets hear all about it in the comment section below. Do you blog about business, finance and various markets. Awesome lets hear about it in the comment section below. What-ever your blogging content of choice feel free to share a description of your blog in the comment section below. Don't forget to leave a link to one of your most recent posts. When doing so (if you have the time) take a moment to read the entries of others. Who knows you just might find yourself a new blog of interest.

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Creative Advertisement Commercials

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Here's my latest post. I post mostly photos from hikes, nature, anything outside. During the summer, I post garden photos and also foraging for (mostly) mushrooms.


Now this comment could be on #leothreads and bang you have advertised your post to a much wider audience then the readers of this post. ;)
Check out my latest thread here:

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Usually my created content gets more action then this current one but to be fair to this post its currently only 4* hours old. I do agree, Steven-Patrick shared content above would make for a great Leo Thread which possibly could bring more attention to his shared content/blog. Its always good to utilize each avenue available to us.


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Great content as always.

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Yes to everything! I did encourage my readers to do a lot of these things. The good thing on leofinance discord is that you don't have to bother sharing your posts. It happens automatically.
Listnerds is also a very good way to advertise ones post for free once every 7 days. I ususally forget about it these days but it really makes a huge difference. If you send your post linked in an email.

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A little encouragement can go a long way. Discord has become an important part the HIVE communities as most have their own discord channels. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

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