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General Sale Phase One is ending in just hours. Currently I have only purchased a total of 154 Chaos Legion Packs (I know shocking). One of the benefits of buying packs early is being included in all Chaos Legion card airdrops. One of those airdrops has concluded already (Doctor Blight). The next two airdrops will require users to have purchased at least 300 CL Packs from the official Splinterlands site if they want a guaranteed drop. Anyone who purchases just one pack has a chance at receiving airdropped cards but the smaller your purchase the less likely your chances. All that being said, I want to have enough CL Packs purchased to at least qualify for the guaranteed airdrop. I decided on 140 more Packs + the 10% bonus for a total of an additional 154 packs. This will bring my total to 308 packs purchased from Splinterlands. Lets take a look at the total cost for this new 154 pack purchase.

140 Packs Cost: $560 USD / 56,000 Credits

140 Voucher Cost: Free if airdropped them / $339 USD

14 Bonus Packs Cost: $0 USD

Total Potential Cost of 154 CL Packs: $899 USD

For the most part I have been waiting for General Sale to be in full swing before making the bulk of my CL Pack purchases. Many are expecting a quick sell out of CL packs once vouchers are no longer needed for purchases, others think it will take months. For myself I think anything is possible in this crazy cryptocurrency world we call Splinterlands. In either case I'm taking a gamble and will be attempting to make the bulk of my Chaos Legion purchases once the voucher requirements for purchased packs is lifted. There is draw backs to this approach such as weeks of lost SPS airdrop points. The loss of being airdropped maximum possible Chaos Legion cards that my purchase would of entitled me to if I purchased sooner. Will the upside (only needing vouchers for bonus packs) outweigh those losses? I have no clue but for me I value being able to purchase more CL packs to hold over the other aforementioned things. There is many ways to play this game and I like to say there is only one wrong move, that move is to not play at all.

Before making my purchase I need to decide on what currency I'm going to use to purchase some credits for packs. DEC has took a massive dive and I don't want to be out airdrop points so I have eliminated that option. SPS has also taken a massive hit in USD worth and even if it didn't I'm a firm holder of SPS. This leaves me with two options, HIVE or Fiat. Hive has also taken a hit recently but at the current worth of $1.35 USD per token its still looking sexy. Fiat is the clear winner here but I decided to use only my Hive assets and/or currency with any continued investments so it looks like HIVE is going to be my currency of choice.


Looking at the screenshot above and seeing that 405 of Hive is worth $560 USD excites me. I think that is a great price for HIVE. It wasn't that long ago it was worth 30 cents each. This is my first time purchasing credits and I must say the process is very simple and pain free. I used the Hive Signer option (a trusted third party app) to complete my transaction that was completed within seconds. Now that I got my 560,000 credits and have doubled checked to make sure I have the required vouchers for my bonus packs (fourteen:check) its time to make the purchase. To the shop section of Splinterlands I go.


Done and Done! I am now the proud owner of an additional 154 Chaos Legion Packs. If you are wondering why the screenshot above says Steemmonsters.com its because I still use the original URL and site for playing the Splinterlands game (Steemmonsters.com). I am not sure why I haven't switched to the Splinterlands.com site other than old habits die hard. After clicking that blue OK button the Splinterlands site brought me to the MANA WELL to tease me to open a pack. I could not resist the temptation. I can't just purchase CL packs and not open at least one.

Chaos Legion Pack Opening


No Epics or Legendary cards but I did flip a gold card and that is always welcomed. I always make sure I have enough potions in stock before opening any packs. We also flipped the Rare card known as Cursed Windeku. On top of that we flipped the one mana card Choas Agent (Got to love low mana cards). The current value of these cards doesn't cover the cost of the $4 USD booster plus the current USD worth of a Voucher but if we factor in the ROI of fun we have when opening these up, it was well worth the purchase.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt that utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game rewards have real monetary value. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

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To Watch A Splinterlands Battle




Stitch Leech Lore

Lore taken from official Splinterlands site. Stitch Leeches are able to heal themselves and others of their wounds. They are found in the deepest caves of the world and are bred from the life energy they take from others. Once they latch onto their victim, they siphon out healing life element to cure themselves. Magical practitioners have even been trained to use them as portable life magic. Though it is a dangerous practice and comes with the risk of the leech biting them.
Archmage Eldanna Willowill pulled the sheet off a glass tank. Inside the plump Life Leeches squirmed, leaving trails of moisture along the glass. Her apprentice, Kyvan Jones, recoiled.

“Their bite is as painful as all the hells, so be careful when handling one,” Eldanna advised.

Kyvan scrunched up his nose. “I don't know if I want healing this badly. They're gross!”

Eldanna smiled. She had thought the same thing when she was a young mage. But experiences in battle had changed her mind.

“When you are bleeding out, you'll feel differently,” she advised.


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