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Interesting strategy. So you plan on offering your vouchers to others in return for the value back in boosters?

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Depends how high the voucher price goes. at $10 3 packs and a reward card for 5 vouchers could be fair. If it hits something insane like $20 6 packs and a reward card for 5 could be fair. Especially since it's forgoing future airdrop chance. Mind these are napkin numbers off the top of my head and the deal is intended for those chasing titles or the chance to design a card. So, they'll have the extras anyway.

The biggest snag is what to do about the promissory reward card part. For anyone with a white tag in the discord, it would probably be a collateral situation (n more packs to hold on to to trade back for reward card.) For Mavericks, I may also add the option to make the deal public in something like the SPS channel with a screenshot so their name could be dragged through the mud if they renegged.

Obviously, the idea is new and I'm still thinking through the details. Worst case scenario is that no one takes the deal and I use the vouchers I get and prey I luck out at the small reward card chance. But, I don't mind helping someone get a title or to design a card as long as I benefit from it getting presale goodies too.


Making a post and completing the deal on the blockchain is good of a contract as any. I won't be a participant as I have already mapped out my plan but your idea is an interesting one and I wish you luck with it.

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