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That is an interesting idea that I won't be surprised gets implemented at some point but we need something other than what we already have to replace them. More SPS in chest just means the SPS supply for rank play shrinks faster which puts a shorter life span on the token being dropped to ranked players.

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Yes, the SPS would be used up faster so we need a different approach then. Instead of reward cards, perhaps we need a series of new specific reward tokens?

  1. NFT tokens
    Maybe we get rewards for a token that can be used only for buying cards, such as what we could do when we used to get DEC. These specific buying tokens - DEC-NFT perhaps, to differentiate them from DEC - could be soul-bound so only able to be spent on building up that player's own collection; cards themselves can then be made saleable through the marketplaces, or be used as players see fit (e.g., through delegation and gifting). In this way, we the players take control over what cards we get, and demand for certain cards will push up their prices and in turn, over time, all cards will go up in price. Also, removing reward cards from the algorithm and replacing them with new tokens should make the Splinterlands network operate more efficiently, and perhaps remove the need to spend monies on new servers.

  2. Packs tokens
    We could also perhaps have a separate reward token for buying packs, maybe DEC-PX? The gifting of merits in the chests has successfully encouraged players to join guilds. Maybe a similar approach with packs will push their sales along and remove the need to burn CL packs and others going forward?

Seems to me that a lot of the decisions being made by Splinterlands management are being done behind closed-doors, with the end users (we, the players!) having to suffer fait accompli results that are over-complicating what really is a very simple game: power to the people!


I really like your first suggestion. It would help the rental market be healthy and players will be able to choose what card they want to purchase instead of getting random drops.