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LARYNX Miner tokens should be thought as, as physical miner rigs, but in a digital form. The only way SPK Governance tokens can be earned is by staking LARYNX Miner tokens and running SPK Network Peer to Peer infrastructure nodes. When staked, LARYNX Miner Tokens are locked permanently so as to identify legitimate infrastructure miners, willing to stake value into the network. The more LARYNX burned for mining, the more profitable/efficient the mining becomes.


It looks that way but the wording leaves me with questions. Unstaking is possible but the above quote says, "When staked, LARYNX Miner Tokens are locked permanently". Personally I haven't staked or sold. I'm holding while waiting for new information to surface.

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If I can't unstake it then I just got to be more careful with the future drops but I don't think I will be staking it right away anymore.

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That same link above has the below info.

You can: hold them, send them, trade them.
If you are running a node, stake them to earn fees to help others trade them.
Four-week power down. 25% per week.
The fees earned by node operators are a share of the DEX trading fees

Nodes that earn a share of the dex fees have to be in consensus. To be in consensus the node has to stake more larynx than the governance threshold on the SPKCC Monitor page

Looks like the above is current rules (So going by the above information the answer to your first question is you need to be running a node to earn a share of fees). Currently I'm in the hold without staking club.

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