RE: This Offer Has Ended: SPS PROMO CARD (Help For Minnows)

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Current Number Of Participants

12/20 Participants
59/100 Promo Cards

Once either of the above meet their cap participation will be closed. I will try to update this comment with the correct information in a timely manner. Keep in mind I'm doing this manually and it would be wise to skim the full comment section (to do a manual count yourself) before sending any Vouchers. This text will be replaced with the words CLOSED once max capacity is met. If you send Vouchers don't forget to say you did so in the comment section.

Current Participants

  • stdd (5 PROMO Cards)
  • steven-patrick (4 PROMO Cards)
  • blitzzzz (5 Promo Cards)
  • theabsolute (5 Promo Cards)
  • ladymisa (5 Promo Cards)
  • relf87 (5 Promo Cards)
  • only4fun (5 Promo Cards)
  • ianballantine (5 Promo Cards)
  • genming (5 Promo Cards)
  • ogaming7 (5 Promo Cards)
  • vaynard86 (5 Promo Cards)
  • rqr4 (5 Promo Cards)

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