RE: Splinterlands NFT Sells For $700,000+ USD

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Interesting, its very possible you double that loan value in a short period of time (Not financial advice). With everything there is risk but man, Splinterlands does feel like the safest bet one can make at current time.

I got most everything I have tied up in assets but I'm trying to brainstorm ways to get my hands on more SPS / airdrop points. I been trying to avoid pools but looks like I'll be headed swimming.

Good luck with your loan. I'd be interested in hearing about what the loan shark has to say about your plans.

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Me too! I'm actually almost as excited to see the look on his face as I am about getting my hands on cash I don't have to sacrifice a dragon's hoard for. :p

Edit to say, as I was preparing my presentation I realized I think I'm mostly excited to get to brag about this year to someone who wants to hear it, lol.

In fact, I might write up a post recommending it, whether you want to take out a loan in the end or not. At least sit down and write up a presentation as if you were looking for one.

It's exhilarating breaking the stuff down and seeing up close how deep in this we are.