Markets are bleeding and there’s blood in the streets are you going to just stand there and bleed......

Markets are bleeding and there's blood in the streets are you going to just stand there and bleed or are you going to cumulate and…

Splinterlands MEME Tournament Payments Complete

The second ever Splinterlands MEME tournament has completed. There was 112 entries which is down slightly from our first tournament (which…

Happy Mothers Day To All The Ladys Of HIVE

Today is Mothers day, May 8th/2022 and if you are a mom or grandmother I'd like to wish you a Happy, Stress free day. I hope you get…

($80 USD) Crypto-Shots Gaming Asset Winners

A little over a week ago the CryptoShots team offered up some awesome gamer assets to the Hive Blockchain and they asked me to give them…

How To Double Your SPS Airdrop Points

Just days ago I went over my Hive Goals and one of them was to increase my SPS airdrop points. There are multiple ways to do this as…

Splinterlands MEME Tournament + Earn A Whale Vote

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1500 FREE Level Tokens Inside (PSYBERX)

What Is PSYBERX? PSYBERX is an upcoming game that is being built on the HIVE Network. Its planned to be a shooter game similar to Call…

Joining Leo Pools (My Hive Goals)

Join Pool: My Hive Goals Reach One Million SPT (Check) Build Leo Holdings (In Progress) Learn About New Tribes…

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Forty-One⭐️


RentMoneys Thoughts On The Purchasable SPS Validator Licenses

Disclaimer: I routinely make bad financial decisions. This post does not contain any financial advice. Always do your own research…

$80 USD In Free Gamer Assets (Lets Do This)

Drop Link: The Crypto-Shots team has once again offered some amazing prizes for the Hive Community and they

Claim Your Free Tokens Today (Ragnarok)

The Ragnarok drop officially has launched and is currently underway. Below I will list some bullet points about the claim drop and then…

$98 USD In Free Gamer Asset Winners (Crypto-Shots)

It's Time To announce the winners of Last Weeks Crypto-Shots giveaway. If you are new to my blog you migh

Rare BETA Splinterlands NFT Giveaway

Last week I offered up a common Splinterlands Beta NFT (card) in a giveaway and its now time to announce the winner but before we do…

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Forty⭐️

s Attention: FREE Gamer Assets:) Are you interested in Play2Earn g

Your Vote Matters (Hive Witness Voting)

Your Witness Vote Matters As noted above those who run for witness operate what is

$98 USD In Free Gamer Assets Inside (Free To Enter Raffle)

Its been a couple weeks since our last CryptoShots giveaway but here we are with another amazing offer which will have multiple assets up…

Splinterlands Road Map + Free Splinterlands Beta Card

The last reported Town Hall (Splinterlands AMA) took place on 04/06/2022. I'll leave the Youtube video to the full AMA at the end of this…

NFT Sales Progress & Reports (Auto MEME Upvote + Splinterlands Tournament Announcement)

A short month or two back I ventured into the NFT creation and trade market. I was completely new to NFT creation so it was a little…

LeoFinance: Advertisement Adds Done Correctly

What Is LeoFinance: LeoFinance is a frontend that allows its users to interact with the Hive Blockc