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Do you have any stats to back this up?

It is the general altcoin dynamic. There exists little in the way of external cash flow other than money from new investors to be derived from holding Hive Power. Altcoins are much more volatile than Bitcoin, which makes them perfect tools for swing traders to grow their stacks. Bitcoin has a strong macro narrative driving interest in it among investors. Fiat currencies are being printed left, right and center which is keeping the bond market from collapsing, which in turn causes investors to maintain interest in risk-on assets such as Bitcoin, which is the ultimate speculative vehicle at the moment. The altcoin space derives a direct benefit from this.

If 14,000 users can make up a network worth $256 million, it means that there is over $18,000 of value per user in this network. Web 2.0 social networks hold orders of magnitude less value per user.

If that were the case, the value of Hive might pump, but it would dump as soon as they selling occurred.

That's exactly what I predict will happen when the bull market comes to and end. That's what happened at the end of the last bull market.

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