CryptoCars, one of the most popular NFT games

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Another NFT game that I have been playing lately is CryptoCars. This game is less time consuming than the other ones that I described in the latest posts. I like the mechanics of this game and the developers are really active. After they released CryptoCars, they released CryptoPlanes and now they are working on CryptoGuards that will be live really soon.

The best part is that they are going to buidl a metavers where all the 3 games can live together. One of the main bullets on their roadmap is that we are going to be able to battle cars vs planes. This will bring new mechanics to the game.


This are my 2 cars:


The mechanics right now are easy, you refuel your cars and then are able to spend the resources to do 5 races each day. The position at the end of the race is randomly generated, based on the final position you will get different rewards paid in CCAR, the main currency of the game.

After waiting 5 days you will be able to claim your CCAR and sell it on the market. If you want to claim early you can do it for a fee.

You already know what are my rules for choosing NFT games.

  • Look for games with strong economic fundamentals.
  • Growing user base (Hodlers of the token).
  • Jump in as soon as possible.

And here are the rules for cashing out:

  • Cash out as soon as possible the initial investment.
  • Remember the previous rule.

I'm already on the way of cashing out my initial invesment on this game.

Some metrics of the game


CCAR price chart


Stay safe out there and enjoy! 😊


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