🔥 I FOMOed and staked 32,000 LEO POWER for the airdrop!

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Finally the day has arrived and some details about the future projects for the Leofinance team has been disclosed.
They will create the "wrapped" version of the token on the Binance Smart Chain, one of my favorite places to farm and earn yield due to its low fees. It will be called bLEO.

The team also announced the creation of CUB Finance, with more details to be disclosed soon in another announcement. The goal of this project is to attract Binance-based DeFi users to LeoFinance. Which I consider it is a really smart move.
I was waiting for this to happen for some months.


The airdrop

The CUB Finance project will use its own token, which will be CUB. This new token will be aidroped to the existing LEO Power holders and Liquidity providers.

And I FOMOed and bought 22,000 LEO more for a total of 32,000 LEO Power that will be staked and elegible for the airdrop. Looking forward for the snapshot tomorrow at 9am CST.


Exciting times ahead. I expect the bLEO pool to be featured in some of the best yield farm optimizers like Auto or Beefy, this will provide a lot of liquidity for the Leofinance ecosystem. Let's see if what I envision comes true.

Enjoy! 😊


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