🔥 When in doubt, zoom out

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I've seen the chart below in twitter. It shows the number of internet users over time.
I'm quite sure we can extrapolate the growth internet had with the growth blockchain technology is experiencing right now.

Take a look at it:


When in doubt, zoom out.

Still more growth to come.

More opportunities will come.

Bear markets are long, forget the noise, keep the focus.

Keep stacking, relentlessly.

I also found this chart showing this same idea. The source seems to be Deutsche Bank but I'm not sure.


Enjoy! :)

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Yes. We don't have to capture all of the market, we only need to grow as the market grows!


100% Agree.
The hardest part is always to be patient enough.


It pays zooming out once in a while from all the daily noise. Early days sometimes feel depleting...


We have to be patient. It will pay off, we are in the best spot.



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