RE: Why Do You Invest In Hive?

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I am on PD ATM but that's literally because I see a pump coming - sell at > $1.50 buy back 3 times the amount at $0.50 when it comes back down.

I won't go below 65K Hive though, I think it's basically rude to not have a decent stake in Hive (dependent on your wealth) if you're making a fuck load of money out of what's built on it, like MOST people on LEO and Splinterlands are doing.

Hive needs to find a more effective way of gaining value back to itself from the money made of its dapps.

I can't say I'm guilty about PDing I mean - 10% curation return compared to a 200% airdrop on DEC/SPS.

There's too little incentive to hold a HUGE stake.

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