Dumping most of my GLX!

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I don't know much about Genesis League Football (to use the CORRECT terminology), the new game under development by Splinterlands, but I have perused the WhitePaper and it looks A LOT like Splinterlands but just with football players for cards rather than monsters.

Oh, and the hope of getting sponsorship deals with football clubs and players I guess.

And with a two billion supply, the GLX token looks A LOT like the SPS supply, and the release schedule is pretty similar too.

I am getting a pretty decnet GLX drop based on my SPS stake - something like 3000 a week a think, and I've been dumping 85% of it, and mostly powering up the Hive, but selling some for stables.

My reasoning for dumping is as follows...

(1) Cleary ATW very few people not already Vested in Splinterlands gives a toss about anything Splinterlands produces, so literally all of the GLX staking going on is massive SL whales hedging into it.
(2) SL just sacked a load of people - SL comes first, any further strees this game gets put on the back burner, if it already hasn't been.
(3) The chances of it taking off are slim.
(4) Probably even if it does take off, Splinerlands is going to get some love anyway.
(5) I'm not interested in either Football or another card game.
(6) GLX is basically SPS with lower demand and look at the SPS price trend from last year...

Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 10.45.59.png

I put the cross where I estimate we are the in price trend - we're probably going down to below $0.01

I mean I might be wrong so I am staking 15% of my drop, but mostly I'm just enjoying building my Hive stake and stacking some stables, this was all unexpected funds so I'm happy enough!

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