Just bought some heated wearables for winter....!

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Give that:

  1. I'm moving back to the UK for winter and
  2. The UK historically gets quite cold during winter and
  3. The cost of gas and elecriticty have pretty much doubled recently


It would be a sensible idea to develop some strategies for keeping one's heating bills down.

And the most effective way I can think of doing this is through avoiding space-heating as much as possible, given that heating the space in a house is usually the most costly portion of one's energy bill.

And if you think about it, space heating is extremely inefficient - one's body cannot occupy more than one body-sized space at any one time, and yet the norm is to heat several times more space than a body occupies at any one-time.

I mean if yer in even a small bedsit on your own, you're probably heating at least ten times as much space as your body ISN'T in at anyone time.

So it strikes me as rational to keep the space heating down as low as possible and heat the person rather than the space, given that the later is the object of the former after all!

Hence why I just Vested in one these bad boys....

Screenshot 20220816 at 15.23.59.png

It's a battery powered heated body warmer, heating one's core for up to 8 hours on a single charge and I also bought TWO of these battery packs...

Screenshot 20220816 at 15.24.18.png

The theory is that I can charge these for free at work and then use them to power the vest during the evenings.

I figure a body warmer is about perfect, you can actually wear it and still function without your arms being restricted so this should be good.

I will still have the heating on of course but I'm hoping to keep it down low at around 15 degrees maybe, possibly even lower, supplemented with the heat from the wearable.

I figure I should make my money back this winter no problem, and the Vest might even come in useful outside on occasion too!

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